Arteta likens Arsenal’s defeat to a funeral

Mikel Arteta was quite disappointed when Arsenal lost consecutive matches in April and likened them to funerals.

The recently aired documentary “All or Nothing: Arsenal” episode 7 has opened up another behind-the-scenes look at Arsenal during last season’s sprint. In the context, having the advantage of leading against Tottenham in the race for the top 4, Arsenal lost consecutively to Crystal Palace, Brighton and even Southampton, then dropped to 6th place.


Arteta has dried his students fiercely after a series of bad matches in April.

Of course, Captain Mikel Arteta got mad in the dressing room. After a team meeting on Monday (after the match against Brighton), the Spaniard said: “After the game, I don’t want to talk to you guys. I’m sure I’ll say something that I will. will regret it.”


“But I said you guys just played a disaster. I just looked you in the eye and said, last game was a disaster, not even close to the level we have to play.”

“After this club lost two games to Crystal Palace and Brighton, it had to be a funeral,” he said.


“A funeral!,” Arteta emphasized once more.

After that “hair-drying” screen, Arsenal won both Chelsea and Man Utd in the next two rounds. However, the unfortunate defeats against Tottenham and Newcastle at the end of the season made the North London team miss the opportunity to return to the prestigious Champions League playground.

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