As Expected Of The ‘CF Queen’, Jennie’s Image Is Covered All Over The World

Due to her brilliance, attractiveness, and professionalism, Jennie (BLACKPINK) is one of the most important people in the world right now. She gives her all to every endeavor, winning the respect of several businesses for high-profile partnerships.

Chanel, Calvin Klein, Chum Churum, Air Baked, Ace Bed, Porsche, Gentle Monster, Hera, Kwangdong Vita500, Paradise City, Tamburins, and Beauty Kurly are among the companies with whom Jennie has collaborated. When it comes to video advertising, the idol demonstrates her ability to alter numerous ideas, making a lasting impression on viewers. The firms in question aren’t afraid to spend money on the artist, using her photos on massive billboards.

Jennie just agreed to a deal with the online cosmetics retailer Beauty Kurly. “Jennie has been selected as the CF model for the online retailer Beauty Kurly’s service. Jennie is also one of the celebrities in Korea that receives the highest appearance fees. This demonstrates how diligently Kurly works to ensure the success of their platform, according to a pro in the advertising sector.

The debut of Jennie with Porsche for a commercial video is now awaited by fans the most. The superstar took part in logo creation and produced a sophisticated design.

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According to data acquired by KBS2, Jennie was among the “Top 10 Highest-Paid CF Stars” in 2021. According to estimates, the idol made almost 5 billion won. For example, each of Jennie’s contracts had a 6-month expenditure that came to almost 500 million won.