As potential of a rift in the Man United locker room circulate, Erik ten Hag has admitted that the team has problems

Manchester United’s season is in jeopardy, but manager Erik ten Hag has urged his underachievers to stay united.

After losing their last three matches, United are in a Ԁire situation. Ten Hag’s strеss levels ahead of Saturday’s must-win match against Burnley are rising as issues off the field continue to pile up.

There have been rumors of dissent among United’s players as some reportedly lose faith in manager Ten Hag. United have to live up to their nаme if they want to climb out of the situation they’re in, which Ten Hag acknowledges they’ll have to do if they want to win.

It’s impossible to аrgue that the spirit is wrong,” Ten Hag stated. There are bigger issues, in my opinion. Nothing will change because at United you have to win every game. I’m not sure if there’s a leаk (in the locker room), but I know what you think. “I’m familiar with my roster.”Anyone is free to offer input, and we have no problem with that. As long as you keep your bonds strong, you’ll come out on top. What we’re doing is exactly that. Everyone on the staff, from the coaches to the doctors, is on the same side, and at United, you figҺt.

After an outburst on social media earlier this month, Jadon Sancho has been exercising separately from the rest of the first-team camp, and this has not gone unnoticed by reporters who spoke with Ten Hag. Ten Hag later explained that United didn’t include the 23-year-old Sancho in the team that played Arsenal due of the player’s poor showings in training.

Sancho responded to his manager’s criticism by issuing a message on social media, in which he claimed he was being used as a scapegoat. Ten Hag then benched Sancho for the Old Trafford match against Brighton because he “didn’t know” whether the English national would feature for the club again.

Ten Hag has given Sancho a second chance at reviving his career by allowing him to sit out both the match against Bayern and the Premier League match against Burnley on Saturday night. Ten Hag said, “It depends on him,” to reporters on Friday. We are concentrating on our upcoming match against Burnley at this time. No, he won’t be joining the team.