ASAP Rocky: Fashionable, handsome, holder of the title ‘Most Handsome Rapper’

ASAP Rocky, dubbed “The Most Beautiful Man in The World” by GQ magazine, epitomizes a fashion style that transcends mere “coolness.” Moreover, it represents a progression from gritty streetwear to extravagant high-fashion throughout the stages of “Pretty Flacko’s” career.

ASAP Rocky’s innate rap talent, paired with his diverse fashion style, has propelled him to fame as a prominent figure in hip-hop. Additionally, he is regarded as a Fashion Influencer with significant influence in the international fashion community in recent years.

The fashion prowess of the “Fashion Killa” is evident in his ability to elevate streetwear brands like Black Scale and VLONE, as well as his seamless transition to the sophisticated “Babushka Boi” style. Rocky’s evolution in fashion taste is consistently met with admiration and adoration from fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

ASAP Rocky’s journey to stardom

Rakim Mayers (ASAP Rocky’s real name) was born on October 3, 1988, in Harlem, New York. Being born in the fashion capital and exposed to Hip Hop culture in the 90s helped Rocky develop an early affinity for streetwear fashion and Hip Hop culture. As a young boy of 8 years old, he began to pay attention to what he wore and became interested in “national” brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger…

In 2007, joining the ASAP Mob crew marked a milestone for Rocky, opening up connections with the Hip Hop community. This helped him further develop and gain recognition for his unique fashion sense. Although influenced by the music of people of color and the street lifestyle in his hometown of New York, Flacko’s fashion mindset during this time wasn’t solely focused on streetwear brands but also blended with high-fashion.

Compared to other Rappers of the Old Skool era who often sported baggy jeans, oversized t-shirts, and accessorized with bandanas and snapbacks, Rocky aimed to craft his image as a fashion model by wearing outfits with just the right width, proportion, and brands less common among the mainstream.

In the “Purple Swag” music video, ASAP Rocky specifically chose to wear a simple black t-shirt with the basic Black Scale lettering, yet the appeal of the shirt was immense. The youth of New York were immediately captivated by the design of Black Scale and praised the fashion taste of the newest member of the ASAP Mob crew.

The transition from streetwear to high-fashion

In the music video “Riot Rave,” Flacko and the ASAP Mob presented a bold and unique initiative. They wore VLONE shirts and offered them to the youngsters featured in the video, requesting them to exchange their IDs (US citizenship cards). However, once the video was completed, most chose to keep the shirts and accept the exchange for their IDs. This concept served as a catalyst, helping Rocky and the ASAP Mob collectively transform the shirts with the distinctive “V” design into a genuine fashion brand.

One of the most significant events must be the explosive collaboration between Flacko and the fashion brand Dior in 2016, which was highly successful. We have to acknowledge that Rocky has officially become a “supermodel,” transitioning from the rough and gritty world of Rap/Hip Hop to elegance, minimalism, and luxury through prestigious brands like Dior.

The romantic relationship with Rihanna

After a tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown ended three years prior, Rihanna found the love of her life in ASAP Rocky. The A-list couple of the Rap/Hip Hop music scene had the opportunity to collaborate on the “Fashion Killa” music video. Subsequently, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky were first spotted dating in December 2020, and both confirmed their relationship when caught in the act. The couple continuously appeared together, inseparable as if they were made for each other.