At 61 years old, Anthony Kiedis shares a similar penchant to Leonardo DiCaprio as he frequently dates women in their late teens to early twenties and purchases $1M motorcycles to take his girlfriends for rides

At 61 years old, Anthony Kiedis, much like the renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio, appears to have a proclivity for relationships with women considerably younger than himself. It’s been observed that Kiedis often gravitates towards romantic involvements with individuals in their late teens to early twenties. Moreover, he seems to enjoy indulging in extravagant purchases, particularly million-dollar motorcycles, which he presumably acquires to accompany his partners on thrilling rides.

Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, 60, is seen with a blonde  woman | Daily Mail Online

This lifestyle choice, while not uncommon in celebrity circles, can raise eyebrows and spark discussions regarding age disparities and power dynamics in relationships. The significant age gap between Kiedis and his romantic partners may attract scrutiny from some quarters, who question the appropriateness of such unions.

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Despite potential societal scrutiny, Kiedis appears to navigate his personal life with a sense of autonomy and disregard for conventional norms. Like DiCaprio, who has faced similar scrutiny for his dating preferences, Kiedis seems unfazed by external judgment, opting to live life on his own terms.

It’s worth noting that relationships involving notable age differences are not inherently problematic, provided they are consensual and respectful. However, the public nature of celebrity life often invites commentary and analysis, with individuals like Kiedis finding themselves under the spotlight for their romantic choices.

Ultimately, Kiedis’s dating habits and penchant for luxury motorcycles offer a glimpse into his personal preferences and lifestyle, reflecting the freedoms and privileges afforded by fame and wealth.

Anthony Kiedis, 60, dines out with Ukrainian contortionist Marina Mazepa,  25 | Daily Mail Online