At just 16 years old, Lil Wayne’s daughter was gifted a Ferrari and BMW at her birthday party held in Beverly Hills

Recently, the 16th birthday party of Lil Wayne’s daughter garnered media attention. The focus wasn’t on the extravagance of the celebration or any scandal involved, but rather on the lavish gifts bestowed upon her. In particular, Reginae received two high-end cars during her birthday bash: a Ferrari 599 GTO and a BMW X4 M Sport. The red Ferrari 599 GTO supercar was gifted by Reginae’s mother and stepfather, while the BMW X4 M Sport came from Lil Wayne himself.

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However, there is widespread skepticism regarding the appropriateness of gifting a powerful and expensive supercar like the Ferrari 599 GTO to a 16-year-old daughter. Given that only 599 units of the Ferrari 599 GTO were produced, with approximately 125 distributed in the US market, its rarity contributes to its high price tag, around $450,000 in the US. Moreover, boasting a maximum horsepower of 661, the Ferrari 599 GTO demands considerable skill to handle safely, a challenge even for seasoned drivers, let alone a teenager like Lil Wayne’s daughter.

Tiểu thư 16 tuổi được tặng xe Ferrari và BMW trong sinh nhật

Meanwhile, the BMW X4 M Sport, while not as extravagant, is still a formidable vehicle. In the US market, it commands a starting price of approximately $44,000. In a conversation with reporters from TMZ magazine, Reginae’s parents asserted their daughter’s ability to handle a powerful supercar like the Ferrari 599 GTO. “Wayne, Toya, and stepfather Memphitz all indicated that Reginae is capable of driving a high-performance supercar like a Ferrari 599 GTO. However, for her daily use, she will rely on the BMW X4 M Sport.

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