Attending a London Fashion Week event, Bukayo Saka, Son, and Eze dress to impress with designer garb

Mo Farah, an Olympic hero, was there, as were many other famous athletes, for London Fashion Week.

And Eze, who wore a checkered two-piece consisting of a maroon roll-neck shirt and bright red pants.

Saka, a winger for Arsenal, and Son, a striker for Tottenham, both opted for a more subdued look by wearing black.

Son’s clothing, however, would cause quite a stir because it reached down to his knees.

But the attention was on Eze, a midfielder for Palace.

The 25-year-old Londoner wore his bright smile and stylish outfit with pride.

As Saka has done so successfully, Eze is fighting for a permanent spot on the national team.

When the Burberry Show moved indoors, the two Three Lions turned the event into a Big Cats-walk to see the latest creations from the high-end label.

In the front row, Son was beaming, obviously relieved to be away from the intense pressures of a Premier League match.Three of the season’s marquee players have gotten off to stellar starts.

Saka’s unbeaten Gunners are in fourth place after a 1-0 victory against Everton on Sunday.

Even though Eze only played one minute as a substitute in England’s 3-1 friendly triumph over Scotland at Hampden Park on Tuesday, his Palace team is looking good.

Spurs are in second place despite losing Harry Kane to Bayern Munich for £100 million, but Son’s strong play has made it easy to forget about Kane’s departure.

Styling it up and tearing it up on the field!