Austin Reaves Thinks His Hairstyle Against Portland Helped Anthony Davis

Your Los Angeles Lakers won their sixth game of the season on Sunday night, defeating the Portland Trail Blazers 116-110.

It was a difficult game, and owing to injuries, the club was forced to play without the services of star forward LeBron James. However, without James, the Lakers were driven by their other future first-ballot Hall of Famer, Anthony Davis, who finished the game with 30 points, 13 rebounds, six assists, and three blocks. The Lakers center had a fantastic night, as the club triumphed handsomely even without their leader. Guard Austin Reaves discussed Davis’ performance and how his hairdo gave him a hint that a fantastic game was about to happen. “I knew this would be a great day for him after seeing the fro back tonight. You always have a chance when you have Anthony Davis.” He modifies the gameplay.” According to Spectrum SportsNet’s Austin Reaves

With the exception of the second half of the season’s opening game against the Denver Nuggets, Davis has been playing exceptionally well. It has been amazing to witness the star player act as like he has taken that performance seriously.

Ԁаvιs Һаs аverаgeԀ 23.9 pоιnts, 12 rebоunԀs, аnԀ tҺree blоcks per gаme tҺιs seаsоn. Ԁespιte tҺe smаll sаmple sιze, Һe ιs currently tҺe eаrly fаvоrιte fоr tҺe 2024 Ԁefensιve Plаyer оf tҺe Yeаr tιtle. TҺrоugҺоut tҺe seаsоn, tҺe squаԀ wιll ԀepenԀ оn Һιm tо remаιn mоtιvаteԀ аnԀ ιnvоlveԀ, pаrtιculаrly ιn tҺe event tҺаt Jаmes ιs unаble tо plаy. Һоwever, Ԁаvιs’s ҺeаltҺ ιs аlsо crucιаl becаuse Һe Һаs experιenceԀ sоme ιnjury prоblems оver tҺe yeаrs.

For the Lakers to have an advantage on both ends of the court, Davis must be on the court. When healthy, he is a game-changer, and LA benefits greatly from his involvement.