Bad red card! Barcelona received bitter results on the opening day

Barcelona failed to find the net of away team Rayo Vallecano throughout the match.

(Barcelona vs Rayo Vallecano Football Results) – Barcelona failed to find the net of away team Rayo Vallecano throughout the match. This is considered a bad start for the Camp Nou team, but positive things have come from the rookies.

Barcelona and away team Rayo Vallecano enter on a slow and exploratory level. Almost throughout the first half, there were no remarkable situations. The home team are the ones who control the game, but they are almost stuck in finding a way into Rayo Vallecano’s goal.


The highlight of the game probably came in the 12th minute, after rookie Lewandowski had a delicate tire to put the ball into the net of Rayo Vallecano. Unfortunately, before that, the Polish striker fell into an offside position.

The second clear chance in the first half was for Dembele in the 34th minute of the game. However, his “gentle” finish ended Barca’s opportunity to get a goal in the first half. The two teams finished the first 45 minutes with a 0-0 draw.


The second half took place with the game not too different from the first half. Barcelona are still the dominant ones, even the opportunity comes to the home team in a row. However, their strikers were still very ungrateful in front of Rayo Vallecano’s goal.

Barcelona is the team that needs to accelerate in the second half, so it is not difficult to understand that the visitors received a lot of yellow cards in this half. Coach Xavi also made adjustments by launching De Jong or a few rookies, but the changes did not seem to be effective.


The match was pushed to a climax when captain Busquets on the Barca side received a second yellow card after an unnecessary elbow to the face of the opponent. Right after that, the away team Rayo Vallecano made the home team’s fans’ hearts flutter when they put the ball in the net of Ter Stegen. However, the finisher Falcao was offside in this situation.

This is also the last remarkable situation of the match. A 0-0 draw result of coach Xavi’s army could not make the team’s fans satisfied.

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