Barca closed the plan to recruit midfielder ‘the whole world coveted’

According to Mundo, Barcelona is currently having difficulty recruiting Bernardo Silva because of financial problems. However, the Catalan team does not need to be too worried when the Portuguese player is willing to wait another year to join the Nou Camp team.

Bernardo Silva has long been a target of Barca’s pursuit. As for the Man City midfielder, he also wants to join the team in La Liga to change the playing environment. However, Pep Guardiola sees the 27-year-old midfielder as an important part of the team and has repeatedly insisted Bernardo Silva is not for sale.


Bernardo Silva is the next target that Barcelona target. But Man City did not want to sell their star. Photo: Internet

However, facing the tug of Barcelona, ​​the English team is ready to part with the midfielder in 1994. It is known that the required fee of Man City is 45 million pounds for its star. Besides, whether Silva can join Barca or not depends greatly on the neighboring team Man Utd and Frenkie de Jong himself.


The prospect of Frenkie de Jong staying at Barca is getting closer and closer, when the summer transfer window is about to close, but the Man Utd – de Jong deal is still not over. Therefore, Barca’s ability to recruit Bernardo Silva is not high. Mundo reports that the Man City player is willing to wait another year to be able to play at the Nou Camp.


However, the Spanish team can completely wait another year to recruit the Portuguese player. Photo: Internet

Before the difficulties that Barca encountered, Bernardo Silva understood that. So he accepted to stay at Man City for another season. The Portuguese star will wait for the opportunity to play for Barca in the summer of 2023.


On the Barca side, they are willing to accept to wait for the 27-year-old midfielder for another year, especially when the Catalan team has spent too much money on this summer’s transfer market with 160 million euros. Spending too much will make Barcelona in trouble with financial problems.

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