Barca forced De Jong to leave: Very good kick or still in reserve, what did Xavi say?

Barcelona is under suspicion of forcing De Jong to leave by pushing this player to the bench, although Xavi still praises the student with all his words.

Like MU in England, Barcelona did not have the desired start in La Liga. Xavi’s teachers and students were held to a goalless draw against Rayo Vallecano, the team was judged to be much weaker. Holding the ball a lot, but the Nou Camp team proved to be stuck in finding the opponent’s goal.


De Jong had to come on from the bench despite being healthy

A notable point is that midfielder Frenkie De Jong was pushed to the bench by coach Xavi to use the “homegrown” trio of Busquets – Pedri – Gavi. The Dutch midfielder was only allowed on in the 60th minute and immediately showed how much Barcelona needed him. De Jong plays the role of a bridge for the way to the ball of the Catalan team .

Rotating the ball reasonably, always finding teammates to coordinate, De Jong even created a dangerous opportunity from home with some sharp passes but his teammates missed. There’s no denying that Barcelona are much better with De Jong on the pitch.

In fact, De Jong’s form has remained the same since the summer tour. The Dutch midfielder always has escape phases that make the audience admire and create opportunities for teammates to score. Therefore, people are forced to question why Xavi left De Jong on the bench on the day of the army.


Xavi really praised De Jong but didn’t give him the main kick

The Spaniard answered this in his post-match press conference. “He is not a substitute. De Jong is very important to us. Today, he entered very quickly. I don’t know what’s going on in the transfer market but he’s always giving his best. De Jong’s attitude and playing skills are really amazing.”

Xavi’s statements seem to contradict his own actions. Most importantly, the Spaniard has yet to explain why he didn’t use De Jong in the first place. Is Xavi “heartless” in this story?

Before the match, the Spanish press revealed that Barcelona will definitely sell De Jong next week and MU will also “strike” for the last time this summer. Therefore, one cannot help but doubt that the team’s leadership is pressing from within with the Dutch midfielder.

According to Mundo Deportivo’s Javier Gascon, whether MU or Chelsea get De Jong, they will also benefit a lot. The reason is because De Jong is “burning out” when forced to leave and is the best version since joining the Nou Camp team. 

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