Barce face ‘big incident’ after economic crisis, preparing to liquidate players

Before the opening day of La Liga, the Spotify Camp Nou home team had to receive unhappy information related to their forces.

Barca is really facing an economic crisis in the past 2 years and it is even more serious this season when the debt has “closed” to them. President Laporta is having to deal with the problems that Bartomeu has caused before and this is an extremely dark and difficult time for the board and Barca fans.

They had to use 3 economic levers and sell TV rights to be able to buy money in the summer transfer window. Nearly 200 million euros have been spent on 5 rookies, of which Kessie and Christensen came to Spotify Camp Nou as a free agent.


However, Barca’s current salary fund is still very large and has reached the salary ceiling prescribed by La Liga BTC. Therefore, 5 rookies including Kessie, Christensen, Raphinha, Lewandowski and Kounde have not yet been registered to play for the new 2022/2023 season. 

In the latest information, Barca has not been able to sell Depay, Aubameyang and Frenkie De Jong also does not agree to leave, so Barca is now extremely confused when the deadline to register for the players is on 31// 8.


Because of that, ESPN reported, 2 free contracts Kessie and Christensen will leave this summer if not registered to play. These two players will leave Barca on a free transfer. This will be extremely bad news for the Catalan giants when only 3 days from La Liga will kick off.


Barca is looking for ways to save the current situation, including the harsh and bad treatment of its current player . The consequences of Bartomeu’s cause are too great and he has been pushing Barca to crisis at the present time.

Being ‘robbed’ by Laporta, Bartomeu spoke up and demanded fair compensation for De Jong

The former president of Barcelona has officially shared about the De Jong incident after a period of silence.

Former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu believes the contracts he gave Frenkie de Jong and three Barca players at the end of his tenure were completely legal, despite other statements by the board. The current ruler is ruled by Joan Laporta .

Earlier this week, sources simultaneously confirmed that the president of Laporta met De Jong and threatened to consider taking legal action over the contract that this player once signed with Bartomeu. De Jong along with Gerard Pique, Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Clement Lenglet signed a new contract in October 2020. The new clause causes them to postpone their salary for two seasons but will receive a huge amount of money in the future.


Bartomeu insists those contracts are legal as they have been signed by various legal authorities and approved by La Liga. Former Barca president resigned immediately after completing these 4 contracts. At that time, he was the focus of all criticism from Barca fans.

Barca’s current leadership is using this contract to force De Jong to agree to return to the terms of the previous contract (in 2019). If not, they will sue you in court. Bartomeu vehemently opposes this behavior. He thinks that a person like De Jong who has done nothing wrong needs to be treated fairly by the club.

In fact, the simplest way to get De Jong out of trouble is to decide to leave Barca. Man United are ready to roll out the red carpet to welcome him with a contract release fee of up to 85 million pounds. However, this midfielder wants to be paid by Barca about 20 million euros in salary deferred to agree to leave. Chelsea and Bayern Munich are also other teams interested in the Dutch star’s signature.


Meanwhile, Xavi Hernandez wants to keep his student. He appreciated De Jong’s technique, experience and very young age. The Barca captain believes that the Dutch star is the ideal long-term replacement for Sergio Busquets in the number 6 position in the squad. However, De Jong will have to reduce his salary to an extremely low level before Laporta accepts him to stay at Camp Nou.

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