Because of 150 million euros, Barca is about to ‘dιssоlvе, brеak the door’ before La Liga starts?

The Camp Nou team has not yet escaped the "deep hole" of the financial crisis despite taking many measures.

The Camp Nou team has not yet escaped the “deep hole” of the financial crisis despite taking many measures.

Barcelona are facing a not simple problem related to their financial situation. The catalan “giant” is trying to find a way to register its rookies with La Liga. But they fall short of  150 million euros  compared to the financial fair play regulations. La Liga has rejected Barca’s calculations and asserted that this club has “excessively” spent a huge amount above its allowed limit.


This is certainly bad news for Joan Laporta, who believes that by using “economic leverage”, his team will be able to operate under the rules of La Liga. Barca sold a lot of the club’s assets, even ceding 25% of its television broadcasting revenue to Sixth Street over the next 25 years. This move brought in  half a billion euros  for Laporta and associates.


Not stopping there, Laporta plans to sell part of Barca Studios for  100 million euros. Even so, this number is still low compared to La Liga estimates. That means any hope of keeping Barca’s Frenkie de Jong next season has been completely dashed. The Camp Nou home team only has a very short time to take the players off their list, otherwise they will face heavy consequences from La Liga.

The Athletic newspaper had an analysis stating Barca’s dire financial situation. They discovered that President Laporta had managed to  loan UEFA money  and put his future champions League broadcasting revenue as collateral. This would be an unprecedented transaction and would certainly endanger the teams competing in this arena.


Because if it accepts Barca’s proposal, UEFA will have to find a way to make Xavi Hernandez’s army play regularly every year in the champions League, even go deeper in this arena to generate more revenue for the club. surname. But in the end, UEFA refused the request of the catalan “giant”. It is worth mentioning that an official of Barca… condemned this action. He said it was “unfair” for UEFA to not accept an offer from a club with a long history of playing in the champions League like Barca.

Now, the only way for Barca to “escape” is to sell De Jong outright and try to “turn” a few tens of millions of euros more to make up for the loss of 150 million euros. Only then will they be allowed by La Liga to register the rookies they have just recruited in this summer market.

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