Because of Ronaldo, Messi was ‘deprived’ of the biggest honor of his career by FIFA

After defeating France 4-2 on penalties on the evening of the 18th of December, Argentina was officially given the title of World Cup champion for 2022. This means that Lionel Messi has completed his massive collection of trophies by adding the one that was previously missing. In addition, the conclusion of this championship brings to an end the debate that has raged between Messi and Ronaldo for many years regarding who is the better player.

Ronaldo and Portugal were eliminated in the quarterfinals of this year’s World Cup after suffering a stunning loss to Morocco. Messi, on the other hand, was able to ascend to the pinnacle of global glory. When the biggest football festival on the planet takes place in 2026, CR7 will have crossed the threshold of… 41 years old, making it extremely unlikely that he will have the opportunity to conquer the World Cup.

Because of this outcome, FIFA has officially acknowledged Lionel Messi as the greatest player in the history of the sport. Specifically, FIFA referred to Messi as the “GOAT” (Greatest Of All Time) in a post that was published on Twitter immediately following this striker’s victory in the World Cup. “There is no longer any need to discuss the GOAT. The greatest player in the world now has the most prestigious trophy (the World Cup) in his collection. The organization captioned the picture with the phrase “legacy completed.” El Pulga is the current owner of both the gold trophy and the award for man of the match.

However, not too long ago, FIFA removed this article after receiving a number of angry responses from Cristiano Ronaldo’s supporters. Following this action, they criticized FIFA for being unfairly neutral and favoring Messi in their judgments. One supporter’s negative reaction was to say, “They are so biased, and this World Cup is already scripted.”

According to one account, Ronaldo is forced to contend with a cheating system on a consistent basis whenever he plays FIFA.

We can anticipate with reasonable accuracy that FIFA wants Messi to win the competition.

“This is a terrible situation. It is unfathomable that FIFA was responsible for writing these things.

Fans of Ronaldo were able to persuade FIFA to “take away” the title of “GOAT,” which the organization had previously bestowed upon Messi. On the other hand, it is impossible to deny that Ronaldo’s “eternal opponent,” England, is currently in a serious decline and is unable to assist Portugal in achieving its goals. Portugal has fallen behind England in a significant way. While this was going on, Messi was the captain of Argentina’s team, and he played exceptionally well in Qatar, tallying 7 goals and 3 assists to make a significant contribution to Argentina’s success at the world championship. Argentina was the team that represented South America.