Become actor, Jisoo brought home 4 major awards through the drama ‘Snowdrop’

Jisoo’s acting debut resulted in four major accolades for the drama “Snowdrop.”

Jisoo has already received three more significant honors for his efforts, which include the following:

1) The 2nd DDU Korean Awards’ “Best New Actress” (Korean Drama Awards in Thailand).

2) At the Seoul International Drama Awards in 2022, “Outstanding Korean Actress.”

3) “Destaque em Série Asiática” (Featured in Asian Series) at the 2022 Séries em Cena Awards for her performance as Eun Youngro in Snowdrop (SEC Awards).

Jisoo now has a total of four major prizes for her depiction of Eun Youngro as a result of all those victories.

JISOO from BLACKPINK deserves congratulations on their outstanding accomplishments!