Before the comeback, YG was accused of dιscгιmιnаting against Lisa (BlackPink)

Once again, the management company YG Entertainment was accused by fans of unfairly treating the youngest member of the BlackPink group Lisa.

On August 19, BlackPink will officially return to the K-Pop race after a two-year hiatus with the song  Pink Venom. However, Lisa’s fans are extremely angry with YG Entertainment because they think that this company is treating the female idol from Thailand badly. Even a large number of Lisa fans have stated that they will not support this comeback of BlackPink.


BlackPink will come back soon on August 19

Lisa’s fans pointed out that YG Entertainment made many mistakes when posting the concept teaser of the youngest member of BlackPink. When the company first posted the promotion on Twitter, the company forgot to attach the YouTube and Naver links, and also did not attach the hashtag Lisa’s name. It wasn’t until 10 minutes later that YG’s staff realized the mistake, deleted the post and re-posted it. However, at that time, the old post had received more than 50,000 likes, 40,000 retweets and 97,000 views.


YG staff made a mistake when posting Lisa’s teaser

On the Youtube platform, YG Entertainment also showed a lack of professionalism when posting Lisa’s teaser video. Accordingly, the staff used the hashtag “#BLACPINK” instead of “#BLACKPINK”. YG also didn’t add Lisa’s intro video to the playlist right away. This affects the female idol’s video views and searches.


YG Entertainment also showed a lack of professionalism when posting Lisa’s teaser video


It took 20 minutes for the staff to find out and correct the error


This affects the female idol’s video views and searches


Besides, YG hasn’t updated Lisa’s solo album sales for a long time

Witnessing how YG Entertainment treated Lisa, fans expressed outrage. LISABar – one of the biggest fanclubs of female idols, has announced that she will not buy the album  Born Pink. This can have a big impact on new album sales because LISABar has long been known for its “huge” purchasing power.


Witnessing idols being treated unfairly, Lisa fans declare that they will not support this comeback

Although this is the group’s first comeback in a long time, it seems that BlackPink’s comeback was not smooth. In particular, YG Entertainment’s alleged unfair treatment of Lisa makes fans even more angry and this will be a great disadvantage to the group if the conflict between the two parties is not resolved satisfactorily.


It seems that YG has caused many disadvantages with BlackPink’s comeback

Lisa was born in 1997, is a famous Thai singer and rapper. She is best known as a member of the girl group BlackPink. Besides, she also released a solo album  LALISA  and worked as an ambassador for many big brands such as Céline, Bulgari…

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