Before the new season, Ancelotti delivered 5 solid messages

Real Madrid's 2021-2022 season ends with many successes. However, Carlo Ancelotti does not allow the team to stop, the club will continue to conquer new titles.

Carlo Ancelotti sends a message of gratitude


During the pre-season, coach Ancelotti made it very clear that the UEFA Super Cup would mark the end of last season, not the beginning of a new campaign. For the Italian strategist, this is a way to express gratitude to the whole team for last season.

Even during the tour in the US, Carlo Ancelotti announced he would use the entire squad to play in the Champions League final to face Frankfurt in Helsinki.

A win closes last season as coach Ancelotti celebrates Real Madrid’s achievements. “The team has the strongest dressing room I’ve ever seen,” he said.

A word from Carlo Ancelotti regarding the middle


The three of Kroos, Casemiro, and Modric is like Bermuda’s “Devil’s Triangle,” according to coach Ancelotti, since the ball hits the bottom of their area and the opposition is unable to control it any longer. The Italian tactician has, though, progressively given thought to the midfield of Real Madrid.

The 2022–2023 season will likely be Kroos’ last at Real Madrid, and Camavinga is proving that he is capable of playing in the “number 8” midfield position. The 19-year-old will most likely play more in the upcoming season.

The future of the Real Madrid midfield is expected to belong to the new three of Camavinga, Tchouameni, and Valverde. Despite just recently joining Los Blancos, “number 18” demonstrates his suitability.

The midfield area now has more depth, and coach Ancelotti will rotate the players to maintain fitness.

The importance of Rudiger


To be successful at Real Madrid, players need to adapt to many new trials, but you can’t expect the club to let you play in the position you want. Antonio Rudiger shows how brilliant he is as a central defender at Chelsea. However, when he put on the Los Blancos shirt, the German player was played as a full-back.

Coach Ancelotti wants to keep the central defender pair Alaba – Militao. The speed and accuracy of the “number 4” combined with the decisiveness and strength of the Brazilian defender is the winning formula for Real Madrid’s defence.

Nacho is an example for adapting to any position at Real Madrid. Left-back, center-back, right-back, he can handle it all. Most likely, coach Ancelotti wants Rudiger to follow this path.

Ancelotti’s message about leaving


Ceballos is the one most likely to depart, but he has a very different response to this idea. The Spaniard dazzled the coaching staff throughout preseason and the close of the last campaign. The signing of Tchouameni may result in less playing time for the 26-year-old. His spirit of perseverance is admirable, though.

Asensio must continue to remain on the sidelines until his contract ends in 2023. Hazard experiences the same thing when he doesn’t feel like he belongs in the imaginary “Number 9” position. Odriozola was getting ready to part ways with Real Madrid.

Ancelotti’s remarks on the 2022 World Cup

In order to evaluate new players in a very contested game, Carlo Ancelotti used up all of his replacements during the encounter against Frankfurt. The 63-year-old leader’s strategy is to consider that the players must travel to the World Cup.

In the midst of the season is when the World Cup is staged. Carlo Ancelotti must thus think about distributing the players’ playing time.

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