Behind Selena Gomez’s controversial video: Is Taylor Swift really her only best friend?

“I was never one of the famous girls. Taylor Swift is my only close friend in the world. As a result, I constantly feel as if I don’t belong in their world.”

It was Selena Gomez’s expression in Rolling Stone magazine that sparked outrage. Many online accounts chastised Gomez for being ungrateful for failing to thank Francia Raisa, her friend who risked her life to donate her kidney 5 years ago.

Raisa, too, unfollowed her friend’s account after Gomez’s statement. The two’s relationship was officially severed.

However, The Things believes that Gomez’s statement “only Taylor Swift is a close friend” cannot be wrong or right. There is a reason for her shares. For more than 14 years, the two top stars have maintained a strong sisterhood in the midst of showbiz’s marketing and forgery.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have an adorable friendship.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift first met in 2008 while dating the Jonas brothers (Gomez is in love with Nick and Swift is Joe’s girlfriend). They quickly became close friends, and Gomez frequently referred to Swift as “sister.”

According to People, the Love Story vocalist is always the first person to give Gomez advice when she is going through a difficult time in her life, especially during the time when the former Disney actor was in love with and broke up with Justin Bieber, as well as when Gomez was dealing with мental illness and disorders.

According to an E! News source, Gomez “only sees Taylor as a support and considers her to be one of her closest, most trustworthy relatives.” Despite frequent business trips, Swift has never forgotten to ask questions or stop following her junior’s recovery journey.

Gomez has experience responding to public opinion because he was a victim of body shaming and cyberbullying in his situation. Swift was informed. Not only that, but Gomez frequently attends her best friend’s concerts, cheering and congratulating Swift on winning award ceremonies. They celebrate significant life events together.

Thousands of people witnessed Gomez’s sᴜdden appearance in harmony with her seniors on some tours. The singer even appeared in Swift’s Bad Blood MV for free.

When Kim Kardashian posted a recording of Swift and Kanye West arguing on social media in 2016, Gomez quickly defended her friend. “Why don’t people use their voices for more important things?” she wrote angrily.

Swift and Gomez recently discussed their longtime friendship with the Wall Street Journal. According to Gomez, they both went through ups and downs and bad events in their lives at the same time. Fortunately, her older sister taught her a lot about how to behave when she was younger.

Swift, who sat next to her, chose words that easily moved Gomez. She emphasized: “This high-quality friendship will last forever. I am a person who easily forgives those who have hurt me. But I’m not sure I can forgive those who have harmed Sel.”

The key to maintaining friendship

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift share many interests, including music, movies, and crazy shopping. The Only Murders In The Building star rеvеɑlеd that whenever she has free time, the first thing she thinks about is asking Swift for money.

“We can always go places together. My sister and I walk around the mall, watch movies, and hang out with our sisters. We can go wherever we want, you know “Gomez expressed his displeasure. excited.

Swift and Gomez perform the Һit Hands to Myself at the Rose Bowl stop on their 2018 Reputation tour. On stage, ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber spoke about his best friend, saying, “The reason Taylor is one of my best friends is that she never doubts or judges my decisions.”

In response to these winged expressions, the 1989-born singer thanked her close friend for her encouragement and sincerity. Swift believes she would not be as strong as she is now if her family and Gomez were not by her side.

“I would like to thank the most beautiful, strong, and independent girl I have ever met from the bottom of my heart. Sel is my best friend “Swift added.

Complimenting each other in the media is one thing, but there are some things they have never rеvеɑlеd. According to Gomez, her friendship with Swift is stronger than many people believe.

“I don’t feel obligated to share everything with the press. We may not agree on everything, but she and I always respect each other “Gomez stated.

Swift and Gomez were famous when they were young, so they could understand and empathize with each other, according to The Things. Furthermore, the two girls are both striving for the most basic values, which is why their friendship endures.