Being accusеd by sister of not telling the trᴜth, Meghan responded: ‘Emotions are different for each person.’

Meghan Markle's side denies the allegations made by her half-sister.

Samantha Markle, Meghan’s half-sister,  caused a stir when she filed a lawsuit  in Florida, accusing the royal bride of telling the truth in an interview with Oprah last year.

During the blockbuster conversation,  Meghan Markle  said she grew up as the only child in the family and made no mention of the duchess’ once close relationship with her sister Samantha Markle.

 ” I don’t feel comfortable talking about people I really don’t know. But I grew up as an only child, something that all the adults around me know ,” Meghan said in the interview.

Not an objective truth

Soon after, Samantha Markle criticized Meghan’s sister for shaking off her past close relationship. She believes that Meghan deliberately hid old memories to erase the link between her and her family.

In response to this allegation, the attorney representing Meghan has filed new documents with the court in Florida. The lawyers said: ” Meghan’s claim that she is the only child in the family is not an ‘objective fact’ but a personal statement, expressing her own feelings. Meghan’s words are not false because Everyone has a different perception of their childhood .” 

In addition, Meghan’s side also argued that: ” Meghan’s statement is clearly not a statement that she has no half-siblings. This lawsuit is groundless and absurd. ” .


Meghan Markle and her half-sister have a long strained relationship.

Her sister Samantha also accused the Duchess of making false statements, containing many negative things about herself in her biography Finding Freedom written about Meghan and her husband. This is a book that Samanthan says “contains nothing but falsehoods”. However, Meghan’s lawyer said she did not make any statements in the book, so she is not responsible for this. 

Samantha is now seeking $75,000 in damages from her half-sister and asking a jury to hear the case. Meghan Markle and Samantha have not yet commented. 

In an interview with Oprah in March last year, Meghan Markle insisted she was “not close” with her half-sister and said: ” I think it’s hard to tell it all when you don’t know much about it. me “.

Long broken relationship

The Daily Mail reports that Meghan and her half-sister were last seen together in 2008. Their relationship began to fall further after Meghan announced her engagement to Prince Harry in 2008. 2017.

During the royal wedding, Meghan’s mother Doria was the only relative attending the wedding. This made Meghan’s half-siblings angry, including Samantha. This woman often criticizes Meghan and her husband in the media, calling Harry a “soft” man.


Meghan and her sister used to be close to each other.

Samantha released a book about Meghan last year that revealed the stark details of her upbringing. ” Maybe when Meghan gets older, she’ll read the book and understand everything ,” Samantha said.

This woman has never thought of “giving up” her brother. She used to appear outside Kensington and Buckingham Palace to take pictures and then post them online to criticize Meghan’s carelessness. Although the duchess left the royal family with her husband to live in the US, she was still constantly stalked by her sister.

In addition to Samantha, the relationship between Meghan and her biological father also fell into a “freeze” state. She lost contact with her father after the royal wedding. Thomas Markle recently  suffered a stroke , was hospitalized and is currently recovering. However, Meghan did not ask or visit the hospital to ask about her father. It can be said that the rift between Meghan and her father’s family is a very deep void that cannot be filled immediately.

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