Being talked to cry a lot during group’s tour, Jungkook gives the most mature response to public

One of the most typical human emotions is crying. However, some individuals still believe that males shouldn’t be permitted to cry because it makes them appear weak or un-“masculine” in the year 2022. In actuality, crying demonstrates your strength, and K-Pop stars are never reluctant to express their feelings to fans.

BTS’s Jungkook is one individual who has consistently been loyal to himself and his feelings.

Jungkook has nearly grown up in the spotlight since his debut at such a young age and has experienced things that individuals his age could never conceive. He is still the group’s youngest member, despite the impression given by his performances that he has experience much beyond his years.

Nevertheless, in spite of everything, Jungkook has always been very honest with his feelings and has never been reluctant to let his friends and the ARMYs see the weaker side of him.

A video of Jungkook recently appeared on social media showing the idol’s sobbing position has received approximately 400,000 views.

The ϲlip was taken from the LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF DVD, and it was mentioned in an interview that Jungkook shed a lot of tears while on tour. Yet, rather than deny it, Jungkook was very vocal, explaining, “I don’t think crying is embarrassing.”


Then Jungkook went on to remark that he wasn’t embarrassed to admit that he sobbed since it would definitely happen a lot more frequently in the future and that the program had a lot of emotional moments for him.

Because I’m sure there’ll be more times I’d be crying. There were many touching moments.

— Jungkook


Although it’s common to weep and ARMYs have witnessed Jungkook crying previously, the newest member of BTS did acknowledge that he appeared to cry significantly more frequently throughout the trip.

I guess I cried more easily than before at the end of the tour and during ‘Speak Yourself.’ I did cry more than before.

— Jungkook

After all, Jungkook didn’t feel that sobbing had any 𝚗egative implications; he thought that it was a sign of his many excellent qualities, and he even said that he couldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t happen again.

Sincerity! Sensitivity! Let’s just say I’m full of those! I can’t promise I won’t cry in the future.

— Jungkook

The BTS members are all unafraid to express their feelings. The ARMYs have experienced all the highs and lows with the group throughout the years, enjoying the intimacy that makes the members vulnerable.

In a culture where males have traditionally been expected to be strong and ꜱuppress their emotions, Jungkook’s perspective on sobbing is admirable and welcome. Crying demonstrates power and confidence in expressing how you are feeling, not weakness.