Belgium striker admits to a burning desire to exact vengeance on Chelsea

After returning to Stamford Bridge for the second time, Romelu Lukaku admits he once fantasized about exacting revenge on Chelsea

Romelu Lukaku is regarded as Chelsea’s bomb. Chelsea spent nearly 100 million pounds to bring Lukaku to Stamford Bridge last summer, but all they got in return was disappointment. Lukaku not only underperformed on the field, but he also clashed with coach Thomas Tuchel and made fans uneasy with his carefree statements in front of the media.


Lukaku decided to return to Inter Milan on a one-year loan with the option to extend for another year this summer. The Belgian striker is overjoyed to be back at Inter and is constantly making moves to annoy Chelsea fans.

Lukaku recently admitted in an interview with DAZN that he intends to exact revenge on the Blues. “Last season at Chelsea inspired me to do even better than before.”


In a year, I believe people will have forgotten what I can do on the pitch. That’s what irritated me.

Many things [went wrong]. I think when I left [Inter], I wanted to exact revenge on Chelsea because it was my club for three years when I was younger. Then there was a chance to go back there thinking I’d be a hero, but it wasn’t to be.

When I found out there was a chance to return to Inter in March, I didn’t say anything. But, at the end of the season, I did an excellent job for the club and was able to return here. I was only thinking about joining Inter at the end of the season, so I reflected on my situation after the last game.”


Lukaku joined Chelsea in 2011, but with only 15 appearances, he did not make an impression.

Lukaku spoke about the pressure that has been placed on him since his return to form.

“There is pressure in training. There is always a provocateur in training; this is the most important pressure; the rest is irrelevant. I concentrate on the pitch, don’t read the newspaper, work hard, and in the end, Inter must win; everything else is secondary.”

He discussed the type of player he would have been if he had never joined Inter.


“Playing for Inter, like Anderlecht and Chelsea, was destiny.” That’s what I hoped for, and Inter, Anderlecht, and Everton gave me the chance to become a player like me.

“I thank everyone and the fans for their love for me and my family, and I’m still sorry for leaving, but I have to say it on the field.”

Finally, Lukaku spoke about his mental growth over the last few years.

“I became like this when I came to Inter because I had two difficult years mentally at Manchester United.”

“Physically, I suffer because I lack spirit; I have to thank Conte for making me a strong player, but mentally, he really matured me, Mr. He taught me to never give up and to always give my all. That is something I will remember until the end.”

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