Benzema’s ‘extra incentive’ will cause him to shine in the Super Cup game

The chance of winning this new championship with Real Madrid has the French player more eager.

Real Madrid has high expectations for their match against Eintracht Frankfurt since it might be not only the first championship of the 2022–2023 period but also the sixth European Super Cup in the history of merengue. 

Carlo Ancelotti has already spoken with his team and urged them to perform with the utmost focus and to stay focused off the field to prevent any distractions that can jeopardize this historic final.


Karim Benzema, who has started the preseason as the 2021–2022 academic year came to a conclusion, is one of the major assets of the merengue squad. Benzema ended the 2021/22 season as the top goalscorer in La Liga and the Champions League (27 and 15 goals respectively). He also became the strongest candidate for the 2022 Ballon d’Or title. If he succeeds in owning this noble title, Benzema will become the second Real Madrid player (after Luka Modric) to break the dominance of the team. Lionel Messi and Ronaldo since 2008.


The Frenchman, however, is particularly determined to defeat Eintracht Frankfurt since it has drawn him into his inner circle. This is not just any game, and it is not just another final for him. 

Following Marcelo’s departure in June of last year, Karim Benzema now has the chance to win his first championship as the merengue captain.


The European Super Cup trophy, which weighs 12.2 kilograms, will be raised into the Helsinki Olympic Stadium’s sky if Real Madrid defeats Eintracht Frankfurt.

This isn’t all, though, as Karim Benzema also hopes to beat Ral González, with whom he is tied on 323 goals, as the second-leading scorer for the Madrid club, as well as to catch the legendary “Paco” Gento with 23 trophies in the Madrid organization, falling only 2 short of Marcelo’s record. 


The French attacker is working hard to maintain his high level as he approaches the most crucial months of his career. This is especially true given that he is close to winning his first Ballon d’Or, which he may do on October 17 after playing against Barcelona in El Clásico at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. 

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