Best Alluring Bow Tattoos that will Definitely Turn Everyone’s Head – Tattoo Trends 2022

Bow tattoos are commonly associated with liberation, femininity, and open-heartedness.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, these tattoos are a way to express your femininity. This is one of the reasons why a bow tattoo is considered a gender-specific design that is mostly preferred.

To express your personal style, you can make your bow tattoo look quirky, realistic, or simplistic. Continue reading to learn about some amazing bow tattoo ideas to get inspired by.

Elegant Bow Tie Tattoo

This is a unique tattoo design that is placed on the chest like a bow tie. The ribbon’s loosely curled ends compleмent the overall design. A red bow is symbolic of power and authority in the professional sphere, in addition to being a fashion stateмent. You can change the size of the tattoo to suit your needs.

White ink is used to highlight the bow, creating a stunning contrast. This adorable bow tie will suit everyone.

These vintage bows are making a comeback in both fashion and tattoo designs today. You can choose to have this classic tattoo art placed anywhere on your body.

Realistic Bow Tattoo

This beautiful bow, with a satin finish, is tattooed on the back of the woman. The artist has given a realistic touch to this design by creating shadows underneath the bow. Moreover, the use of white ink to highlight the tattoo gives it a satiny sheen.

Polka Dots Tattoo

If you want to add some patterns to your realistic bow tattoo, this is a great option. The white polka dots inked throughout the design make for an eye-catching visual.

Bow Lace Tattoo With A Diamond

A black lace bow with a sparkling diamond in the center is a very appealing design. The lace bow is black embossed with intricate detail work all over it. Smooth strokes of different colors are used to create the diamond’s sharp edges. The bluish diamond in the center of the monochromatic bow creates a striking design contrast.

Flowers Tied With A Bow

If you like floral designs, this could be a great bow tattoo idea for you. The flowers are vibrantly colored, and each one holds a deep symbolism. The rose and marigold are inked intricately in yellow, while the aster is inked in purple. They are tied together with a peach bow, giving the tattoo a delicate appearance.

You can also choose a bouquet to express your passion for flowers! The flowers are inked in bright colors, while the leaves are inked in dark colors.

Tribal Bow Tattoo With Feathers

The wispy ribbon is tied in a bow and secured in the center with colorful beads. The feathers attached to the bow add a tribal touch to the overall design. The artist has used contrast in this piece by incorporating monochromatic feathers with the bow.

Feather Bow Tattoo

This bow design stands out due to its impressive combination of shading, highlights, and shadows. The majority of the details are inked in black, with white highlights on the beads. The use of a single color has undoubtedly added to the мyѕтery surrounding this design. These monochromatic tattoo designs are stunning and can be worn anywhere on the body.

Feminine Bow Tattoo

A stylish bracelet bow tattoo can be the ideal accessory to boost your style quotient. The band is inked in black and has a small bow on the side. The bow’s brilliant shading has given it a velvety sheen.

A Pink Bow Anchor Tattoo

Incorporating other eleмents is a great way to give your bow tattoo more depth. The anchor tattoo is kept simple in this case, with only a little shading along the edges. The bright pink bow attached to the anchor is the main focus of this tattoo design.

Beautiful Bow Neck Tattoo

For woмen and girls, this simple monochromatic bow tattoo design on the back of the neck can be a great option. The bold black ink emphasizes the bow, while the linework breaks up to create an abstract outline for the tattoo. You can also add colors or a personalized detail that is unique to you to make it more appealing.