‘Biggest Club’: £77m ‘World Cup Hero’ Wants To Sign For Real Madrid, Despite Claims Chelsea Bid

Josko Gvardiol, whose name has been mentioned in connection with a transfer to Chelsea, has revealed that he would rather play for Real Madrid.

When questioned about the Spanish championships during a conversation with Spanish journalist Sergio Fernandez, the RB Leipzig player did not hold back when he was asked about them, and he characterized them in words that were quite positive.

It is easy to understand why Madrid would wish to express thanks to the young defender in some fashion for the respect he has shown towards the club.

Gvardiol’s rise to fame has been nothing short of spectacular ever since the year 2020, when he made the move to Germany.

Photograph captured by Joachim Bywaletz and made available for purchase through DeFodi Images and Getty Images.

At the moment, he is widely considered to be among the most talented and potential center backs that can be discovered anywhere in the globe.

Yesterday evening, the twenty-year-old demonstrated his skill to the world when he supported Croatia in their fight against Belgium at the World Cup, which culminated in a 0-0 tie. Croatia’s match with Belgium ended in a stalemate.

Romelu Lukaku was denied a goal by an outstanding last-ditch interception late in the game, which thrilled many of those who were watching. His battling and passing were also a source of satisfaction for many who were watching.

The deal for Gvardiol to transfer to Real Madrid is getting closer to being finalized.

If Croatia is able to keep up this level of play throughout the knockout stages of the campaign, they will likely have Gvardiol to thank for getting them to yet another title match.

On a personal level, the more excellent performances he turns in, the higher the likelihood is that he will be rewarded with a move away from Leipzig. This is because outstanding performances are rewarded with higher transfer probabilities. This is due to the fact that movements are given as a reward for great performances.

According to the most recent information that he has divulged, it would appear that he has his sights set on making his permanent home in Madrid.

When asked about the club’s apparent interest in retaining his services, Gvardiol admitted, “Yes, I would want to,” in response to the question. “Real Madrid is the most prestigious club in the world, so who knows… perhaps one day I will get the opportunity to play for them.” “Who knows… perhaps one day I will get the opportunity to play for them.”

Photo by Ulrik Pedersen/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

“There is no need for Luka Modric to tell me anything about Real Madrid; I already know all there is to know. I am fully aware of everything; I am aware that it is the most prestigious club in the world, and I am aware of how significant it is to be associated with a squad of that caliber. ” “It is not necessary for Luka Modric to tell me anything about Real Madrid; I already know all there is to know about Real Madrid.

If you subscribe to the Chelsea school of thinking, then I’m sorry to break it to you, but it must sting.

Especially when one considers the fact that Todd Boehly appears to have full faith that he will sign Gvardiol after the conclusion of the World Cup.

After purportedly failing to acquire the services of the Croatian international during the summer with an offer of 77 million pounds for the player, Boehly is reportedly contemplating making another offer for the player.

Because their center defender is in such high demand, Leipzig may very well try to squeeze even more money out of the owner of Stamford Bridge. This is because their central defender is in such high demand.