Billboard Hot 100 Changes The Tules Again: BTS May Be At A Disadvantage

The Billboard Hot 100 chart continues to adjust the scoring rule to thoroughly solve the "mass buying" problem that has plagued the music community in recent years. However, these changes also put many artists at a disadvantage.

Returning to the product Super Freaky Girl , Nicki Minaj is one of the first female artists directly affected by Billboard’s decision to change the scoring rules. According to prediction sites, the female rapper’s new song is likely to lose the top position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart next week despite having sold 100,000 online music purchases in the US after only 4 days of release.


Nicki Minaj’s song Super Freaky Girl is at a disadvantage because the Billboard chart changes the scoring rule.

Disgruntled Nicki Minaj shared that this way of changing the law has taken power in the hands of fans with the artist’s products. Previously, 1000 online music purchases would be converted to 2 points on the chart, but now it is only equivalent to 1.3 points.

In addition, each account can only be recognized for 1 music purchase, instead of 10 purchases as before. This change of Billboard has directly lowered the criteria for online purchases and emphasized the role of recommendations on the domestic radio system when assessing the rankings of songs on the chart.


Billboard Hot 100 chart constantly changes the rules to ensure fairness between artists.

Although detrimental to some artists, Billboard’s decision is considered to rebalance the game. In mid-2021, the case of BTS’s song ” Butter ” continuously leading the Billboard Hot 100 chart was controversial. Butter has a much lower level of recognition with domestic audiences, as evidenced by the fact that the conversion points from online listening and radio recommendations are lower than other songs in the Top 10 such as good 4 u or Stay. However, BTS’s song benefits from the mass buying campaign of fans.


Lil Nas X’s song INDUSTRY BABY sadly lost to BTS’ Butter on the chart.

The incident also culminated when rapper Lil Nas X’s song ” INDUSTRY BABY ” debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 despite being warmly received by the audience. Responding to the incident, a representative of Billboard said, “As long as the BTS fan community buys enough sales to keep No.1, the newly released songs that reach No.2 will be No.1”. Therefore, it is understandable to change Billboard’s scoring method this time.

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