Blackpink Appeared Beautiful At The Comeback Press Conference: Jisoo’s So Cool

BLACKPINK's comeback with the opening song " Pink Venom" is receiving much attention from global fans.

BLACKPINK’s comeback with the opening song ” Pink Venom” is receiving much attention from global fans. Before the release of the comeback product, the YG Entertainment girl group made a beautiful appearance at the press conference, promoting the new song.


BLACKPINK makes a grand comeback with the opening song “Pink Venom”. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

Appearing at the global press conference, BLACKPINK showed off her radiant beauty. In elegant costumes, the members were praised for their luxurious aura, each wearing a brand of which they are Ambassadors.


BLACPINK appeared luxuriously before the release of the new song. (Photo: Naver)


Each member wears clothes made by themselves as Ambassadors. (Photo: Naver)


Jisoo is elegant, different with slanted bangs. (Photo: Naver)


The female idol showed off her superb shoulders in Dior outfit. (Photo: Naver)


Jennie is considered to be more beautiful than the original model. (Photo: Naver)

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Lisa shows off her excellent collarbone. (Photo: Naver)


Rosé is controversial for her “one color” image with blonde hair. (Photo: Naver)

Pink Venom is a hip-hop song with distinct colors of the BLACKPINK members. From the first melodies, the song has captivated the audience by the sounds of traditional Korean instruments, mixed with modern ones. In addition, the Korean media also revealed that Pink Venom ‘s rap is extremely powerful, resonating with the distinctive vocals, increasing the charm of the 4 beauties of YG Entertainment.


Previously, BLACKPINK also broke its own record when confirming more than 1.5 million pre-orders for the album BORN PINK . Fans and many Korean music experts think that the group will make a bigger achievement in the girl group segment.



Album BORN PINK includes 10 songs, in which, the opening song is Pink Venom . As revealed by Jennie, the products in this comeback are all genres of music that the group has never been exposed to. Besides, the female idol said that she really liked the 5th song on the album.

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After returning with BORN PINK, BLACKPINK will also hold the largest-ever global tour. The departure place is in Seoul (Korea), YG Entertainment’s girl group will continue to sweep many countries in Europe, Southeast Asia and the US.


The radiant appearance of the BLACKPINK members heats up the comeback MV Pink Venom . Fans are extremely looking forward to an explosive music product from the YG Entertainment girl group after two years of absence on the music track.

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