BLACKPINK breaks premiere record with ‘Pink Venom’

Blackpink has just come back with the single and MV "Pink Venom" at 11 am on August 19 (Vietnam time). Due to the long comeback period, the group attracted a large number of fans and the latest MV broke the previous record of views.

Blackpink is currently the 5th most viewed artist in K-pop history for their YouTube video premiere. Specifically, MV Ice Cream on August 28, 2020 reached 1,790,000 people at the same time watching the premiere


As recorded at the moment, Blackpink’s MV Pink Venom  is watched by more than 2,388,000 people at the same time.


Thus, Pink has surpassed 2 MVs including Ice Cream  and   Permission To Dance  of BTS (about 2.2 million views), holding No.4 and No.5 positions in the list, respectively.

However, the YG girl group still did not surpass BTS’ 3 MVs,  Butter  (3.95 million views),  Life Goes On  (3.1 million) and  Dynamite  (2.9 million).


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