BLACKPINK Celebrates 6th Anniversary On Instagram, Their Message Are Too Touching

In the context of the 6th Anniversary, the Compact BLACKPINK Members Made Posts on Instagram As if Summarizing Their Journey Since Debut. The contents of the message of Jennie Cs are really touching.

BLACKPINK has entered its 6th year in 2022. In order to celebrate the debut anniversary, the four members made a compact social media post containing their photos while sending touching messages.


On August 8 in the morning Korean time, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa almost simultaneously made a special BLACKPINK anniversary upload on their respective personal Instagrams. In the members’ posts, they seem to summarize the 6-year journey through uploading old photos.


Source: Instagram

As the first to make an Instagram post, Lisa said, “Can’t live without these girls. Happy 6th anniversary BLACKPINK, this year will be a BIG year for us. I love you guys.”

Then, Jisoo delivered a short greeting that read, “Happy 6th birthday dear BLACKPINK forever.”

While uploading photos of BLACKPINK at the beginning of their debut, Jennie said, “Today is our birthdayiii. Happy 6th anniversary, BLACKPINK and BLINKS, more good news coming to everyone!”


Source: Instagram

Rose gave the longest message that was no less touching. In addition to congratulating and reminiscing about the trainee period, Rose also thanked everyone who always supported BLACKPINK.

“Happy birthday BLACKPINK members. Congratulations on the 6th anniversary. We trained together for a long time, debuted, and worked together for 6 years. I think we shared so many memories and learned a lot of things,” said Rose.

The owner of the name Park Chaeyoung added, “Thank you very much for being a member and my family. I have many shortcomings, but I look forward to your continued support. I love you, BLACKPINK.

In particular, Rose expressed her gratitude for BLINKs who have been by BLACKPINK’s side for the past six years.

Thank you for supporting us and being by our side, I’m always grateful to BLINKs. The precious memories BLACKPINK and BLINKs made over the past 6 years, I thank you for all the memories. Thank you BLINKs. Congratulations on your 6th birthday I love BLACKPINK,” concluded Rose.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK has revealed the details of the pre-release song right on the 6th anniversary. The song titled “PINK VENOM” will be released on August 19.

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