Blackpink Comeback: Epic MV, Jennie Was Rapped

After 2 years of "missing" on the music track, BLACKPINK has officially returned to the ring with the album BORN PINK .

After 2 years of “missing” on the music track, BLACKPINK has officially returned to the ring with the album BORN PINK . At noon on August 19, the MV for the opening song ” PINK VENOM ” was released. With a long preparation, this music product did not disappoint the fans.


True to what YG has announced, PINK VENOM continues to be a special musical color, expressing another personality of BLACKPINK. The song is also the song that represents the theme of the whole album.

The YG representative shared,  “The album name BORN PINK shows the strength and confidence of BLACKPINK – the group with a unique existence since its inception. This will be an album with songs that clearly show the true self. BLACKPINK’s unique color and fatal aura”.


PINK VENOM’s music continues to be a catchy and captivating melody with an “addictive” break. This seems to be the tradition when YG started creating songs for BLACKPINK. The important thing in the MV PINK VENOM is that Jennie and Lisa were double rap. This makes fans excited and less controversial.


Jennie appeared personality in the MV. (Photo: YouTube BLACKPINK)


Jennie and Lisa appeared together to create an explosion. (Photo: YouTube BLACKPINK)

YG is a company that “says no to green screens”. Therefore, the scenes in the MV are carefully and spectacularly staged. Just based on these contexts is enough to prove that YG really invested a huge amount of money in PINK VENOM:  “PINK VENOM is the MV with the highest production cost that we have ever spent. The whole process is ongoing. went smoothly because it was meticulously prepared according to a thorough plan.A lot of intense music like BLACKPINK has also been prepared with a lot of effort and enthusiasm over a long period of time. large scale will also continue”.


In PINK VENOM , the members all have their own scenes that appear full of personality. The image of Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa continues to prove the diversity of charisma, “weighing” many different styles.


Jisoo ‘s mesmerizing image in the MV. (Photo: YouTube BLACKPINK)


Rosé with fancy makeup. (Photo: YouTube BLACKPINK)


There are small wounds on Jisoo’s hand. (Photo: YouTube BLACKPINK)


Jennie’s cool image. (Photo: YouTube BLACKPINK)


BLACKPINK has always been a diverse transformational girl. (Photo: Pinterest)


BLACKPINK promises to make a big bang in K-pop. (Photo: Pinterest)

Having to wait 2 years to witness the return of the top girl group Gen 3, the BLINK community couldn’t help but be excited. Fans also believe that the group will set an unprecedented record in the future, proving their status unchanged even though the 4th generation has begun to develop.

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