BLACKPINK drops ‘Pink Venom’ MV today: Premiere schedules, press conference & what BLINKs must know

Goals, country schedules to watch BLACKPINK's live countdown and music video, and more. Stars present “Pink Venom”, single from their new album, “Born pink”.

Actress Yoon Seah excited for “Pink venom”

Jisoo’s colleague on “Snowdrop” added to the excitement for BLACKPINK’s comeback. Yoon Seah, who plays Mrs. Pi in the drama, uploaded pictures to Instagram along with the caption, “Today’s sky is pink! ‘Pink venom’ day?” Photo: @loveyoonsea



Rose, Lisa and Jennie on Instagram

In addition to Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa, and Jennie take to Instagram to express their excitement for the comeback. They have shared the promotional images for “Pink Venom” on their respective accounts ahead of the world premiere. Photo: capture/@lalalalisa_m



Is Jennie launching campaign with Calvin Klein?

Although not made official by YG, fans are gathering clues about a joint release between Jennie and Calvin Klein. This would be a campaign that the idol recorded when she was a redhead and would arrive on August 19 (KST), the same day as BLACKPINK’s comeback. Photo: @CalvinKlein



The ‘black’ side and the ‘pink’ side in “Pink venom”

Like the name of the song, the MV is conjugated by elements that represent the two sides of BLACKPINK. These are black and pink. Photo: @blckpinkpic



How many views should the “Pink venom” MV have on day 1?

The minimum number that BLINKs hope to reach on the first day of “Pink Venom” on YouTube is 60 million views. As a secondary objective, they aim to register 80 million reproductions at the end of 24 hours.


Is the YG building also in pink?

An image of YG’s building lit up in pink got BLINK excited on the comeback countdown. However, according to fanbases, this would be an edition. Photo: @CentralKimJisoo



BLACKPINK World Press Conference

They will be meeting with reporters at a global press conference to discuss their comeback with “Pink Venom,” Jeff Benjamin shared. According to the Billboard columnist, the event starts at 10:00 am (KST) on Friday, August 19. This is equivalent to 8:00 pm on Thursday the 18th in Peru.



Korean traditional sounds in “Pink venom”

The Korean elements present in “Pink Venom” heighten the excitement of the premiere. As seen in the MV teaser, the song fuses modern rhythms with music made with traditional Korean instruments.



Namsan tower in pink

Namsan Tower also flashed pink for the comeback, and a clip of this attractiveness was shared by Jisoo. The also called YTN Seoul Tower is located in Namsan Park, in the center of Seoul, the capital of South Korea.



Jisoo and her emotion in the countdown

The excitement is shared by BLINK and the members of BLACKPINK. In the countdown, Jisoo updated the latest promotional poster on Instagram.



Roulette in Vietnam shines with BLACKPINK’s pink

Fans made it possible! In Vietnam, BLINK managed to make a Ferris wheel light up in BLACKPINK’s color for the release of “Pink venom”. This would be one of the five tallest Ferris wheels in the world.


Premiere of “Pink venom” minute by minute

Good afternoon, we start the coverage of the launch of “Pink venom”. BLACKPINK returns to music with the single “Born pink” today. BLINK around the world finalizes details to receive the new from their favorite stars and in La República we will follow all the details of their long-awaited comeback. Find out here how the premiere is lived minute by minute.


BLINK around the world will receive the new single through a live stream . For their part, Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé and Jennie will accompany the fans in this premiere of the song that will exude their most challenging side .

Soon after, the idols will bring their talents to the MTV VMAs stages with their first-ever awards performance and live stage debut of “Pink Venom.”

What else will the comeback bring? Regardless of whether you’ve waited two years for BLACKPINK’s OT4 comeback or just joined BLINK, you can’t miss what’s coming up on your favorite stars’ release schedule .


BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Rosé, Jennie, and Lisa in “Pink Venom” teaser. Photo: YG

Premiere of “Pink venom” and its MV: schedules by country

Both the digital single and music video/ MV for “Pink venom” on YouTube will be released simultaneously at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, August 19 (KST).

Due to the time difference with South Korea, the premiere time differs in places like Peru. Check here the schedules adjusted to the clock of your country.

MV Teaser for “Pink Venom”

Countdown live with BLACKPINK: schedules

YG Entertainment artists will be connecting live on their YouTube channel beforehand for the countdown to the premiere.

You will be able to watch them live streaming starting at 12:00 pm (KST) on Friday, August 19. This is one hour before the official release of “Pink Venom”.


BLACKPINK: “Pink Venom” pre-premiere broadcast. Photo: YG

Pink venom live stream

Here you can connect to the broadcast of BLACKPINK. The four members will talk about the process of preparing for their comeback.

The world will turn pink for BLACKPINK’s comeback

Main towers in various parts of the world will be lit up in pink for BLACKPINK’s comeback, which will also be the prelude to the famous world tour . These are the places where this off-line promotion of “Pink venom” will take place and the respective times.


Light up the pink project carries the pink side of BLACKPINK important towers in the world. Photo: YG

Light up the pink in Seoul

This is what Namsan Tower looks like lit up in pink in celebration of BLACKPINK’s comeback. This is one of the iconic places in the South Korean capital. Namsan Tower has appeared in various kdramas and movies.


BLACKPINK: “Light up the pink” campaign in Seoul. Photo: BLACKPINK Union

“Pink venom” stream goals and rules

BLINK finalize details to make the return of the ‘pinks’ a resounding success around the world. In that sense, the fandom replicates the official stream goals for “Pink Venom” , which point to platforms like YouTube, iTunes and Spotify, as well as Billboard charts.

Because making a good stream not only involves playing the song, it also shares what are the considerations to take into account so that you add to the results of the new song.

  • Link: https://twitter.com/WorldwideBLINK/status/1558822685777477636 (copy and paste).

Reproduction goals and rules for BLACKPINK’s comeback with “Pink venom” to be a resounding success. Photo: Twitter capture/@WorldwideBLINK

  • YouTube “Pink Venom” goals: 60 million views in 24 hours (first goal), 80 million views in 24 hours (second goal).
  • “Pink Venom” Spotify goals: 8 million unfiltered streams in 24 hours. Be TOP5 in the first week.
  • Milestones for “Pink Venom” on Apple Music: TOP 10 in 40 countries, TOP 15 Global
  • Goals for “Pink Venom” on iTunes: accumulate 50 #1 in the first 24 hours and reach 60 #1 in the first week of tracking.

BLACKPINK: New poster marks the girlband’s comeback day. Photo: YG


In addition to being nominated , the members of the K-pop quartet will perform for the first time at the MTV VMAs. They will present the debut performance of “Pink venom” on August 28.


In addition to presenting “Pink venom”, BLACKPINK could be awarded at the 2022 MTV VMAs. Photo: composition Hybe/MTV

Launch of “Born pink”

On the other hand, “Born pink” will arrive on September 16, 2022. This will be BLACKPINK’s second studio album. The first was “The album”, from 2020.


New poster for “Born pink”, BLACKPINK’s second studio album. Photo: YG

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