BLACKPINK Fans Demand Justice for Rosé, Criticize YG for Bang Ye Dam (TREASURE)

The fact that YG released a teaser to tease Bang Ye Dam’s solo performance even before his debut made many BLACKPINK fans angry.

BLACKPINK  is probably one of the most controversial groups in Kpop. In addition to the fan-only division within the fandom, the BLINK community (fanBLACKPINK’s fans) also regularly accuses the management company  YG  of treating the girls unfairly. One of the most typical stories is that  YG does not let  BLACKPINK comeback more than once a year.

In addition, recently the story of this company neglecting solo plans for the rest of the members is also a topic of great controversy. Accordingly, BLINKs had high expectations that member  Rosé  would have a solo debut following  Jennie but it has been a while and the company has not made any move. On the contrary,  TREASURE – the company’s new boy group is being promoted at full speed.

YG is often accused of unfair treatment, inhibiting BLACKPINK’s talent

Recently,  YG  continued to announce the blueprint  of  BLACKPINK  in 2020 after announcing that the group would make a comeback in June. Specifically, the girls will have a ‘pave the way’ music product in June, after it will be the 2nd  single with a special format in July or August. Finally, the company excited the fans by announcing that  BLACKPINK  plans to release the first full album in their career in September 2020. Although they know that  YG  often ‘breaks promises’, BLINKs still expect the company to do what they set out to do.

Recently, YG continues to release plans for BLACKPINK’s comeback activities, but the specific date has not been announced, making it hard for fans to believe.

While everything about  BLACKPINK  is only at a general ‘planning / anticipating’ level, today (May 21),  YG  announced the detailed plan for the debut of  TREASURE. Accordingly, this new boy group will release 3 to 4 songs continuously from the beginning of July until the end of 2020. During that time, the rookie boys will also participate in many promotional activities and appear. on music shows regularly during the last months of the year.

TREASURE is about to debut in July 2020.

However, what annoyed  BLACKPINK ‘ fans the most was the fact that  YG  released a teaser for the solo pre-debut of  Bang Ye Dam – the ‘ace’ of  TREASURE. Accordingly, the male idol will release a solo single around June, before “TREASURE” officially joins the Kpop race in July 2020.

YG releases teaser about Bang Ye Dam’s (TREASURE) solo product release before official debut

Perhaps predictably  many people would wonder why  Bang Ye Dam  was so ‘favored’,  YG  also explained this in the announcement about  TREASURE. The company said that the male idol had been preparing for his solo project long before  TREASURE  was established. It is known that  Bang Ye Dam  has been a trainee at the company for 7 years and this is considered a surprise gift that he sent to fans before officially debuting with his group. YG  also revealed that this solo will have its own MV but  Bang Ye Dam  will not have any official promotions for this single.

Bang Ye Dam was heavily pushed by YG right before debut.

Although  YG  clearly explained about Bang Ye Dam’s decision to release a solo single, this only angered  BLACKPINK’s fans. Fans aren’t saying that hoobaes don’t deserve to be solo, but what they want to do make sense here is that  BLACKPINK  is really being treated unfairly a lot. First of all,  YG ‘o carrying’ TREASURE  has run out of ink, released a series of photo sets, and will soon be releasing many songs continuously for this rookie group from now until the end of 2020. Meanwhile, , 4 girls can only come back once a year, and the number of songs released during 4 years of operation can be counted on one finger.

The second thing that BLINK pointed out was the obvious injustice between  Bang Ye Dam  and  Rosé (BLACKPINK) even though both are main vocals. While the rookie male rookie was paved with a  song solo even though he hasn’t debuted yet,  Rosé  doesn’t have a single product whether it’s an official solo, an OST or a collaboration with other artists.

Seeing Bang Ye Dam released a solo song by YG, many BLACKPINK fans feel sorry for Rosé.

Not only that, many fans also pointed out the discrimination in the cover of these two representatives. Covers of  Rosé like ‘Eyes Closed’ or ‘The Christmas Song’ are all monotonous videos with exactly one cover photo showing when posted on Youtube. Meanwhile,  video Bang Ye Dam cover ‘Honesty’ is clearly invested from the context, color to the main character recording. Even though it’s just a cover video, when I look at it, I feel like I’m watching an MV.



Many fans were very upset at this discrimination of  YG  with  BLACKPINK  when looking at other male idols in the same company. They said that  BLACKPINK , which is the “goose that lays golden eggs” for the company, was restrained and stopped many musical activities. Meanwhile, the member of  TREASURE  has not even officially debuted yet but has been raised by  YG  like an egg, excited like a flower.’

Another hashtag that is also trending is #WE_WANT_ROSE_SOLO (WE WANT ROSE TO BE SOLO). This hashtag ranks 25th in the Global Top Trending on Twitter.

‘Why doesn’t BLACKPINK receive the same treatment as other groups?’

‘YG said he wanted the other guy to release a solo song before debut because he’s the main vocalist. But Rosé is also one of the famous main vocalists and she still hasn’t had a solo song after 4 years. This company doesn’t even hide its ‘respect for men and women’.’

What do you think about the angry BLACKPINK fans accusing YG of unfairly treating Rosé in particular and BLACKPINK in general after announcing that Bang Ye Dam would release a solo product before debut?