BlackPink Made A Move To Celebrate 6 Years, Antifan Immediately Derided It

This August 8th is Blackpink's sixth anniversary, and the members celebrated this special occasion on Instagram.

Jennie wrote, “Today is our birthday. Happy six years Blackpink and Blink. More good things come to everyone.”


“Can’t live without girls. Celebrating Blackpink’s sixth anniversary. This year will be a big year for us. Love you” – Lisa excitedly.


Rose sent a very long letter: “To my beloved Blackpink members! Celebrate our six year anniversary! During the years we trained together, and the six years promoting together since debut, I shared a lot of memories with everyone and learned a lot. Thank you for being my teammate and family. I’m always lacking, please take care of me. Love you all, Blackpink.


To Blink who are always with us and the team, cheering us on, all I want to say to everyone is infinite gratitude! Grateful for all the memories we made together as Blackpink + Blink on our sixth anniversary, which makes me look forward to more memories we’ll make together in the future. Thank you! Happy six years of establishment!

The oldest sister Jisoo is simple: “Happy 6th anniversary! Blackpink loves forever!”


In return is a series of photos:


Also available on Instagram story:


Netizens commented mixed on this debut anniversary:

– Quick, it’s only been six years! Since then, still no girl group can surpass Blackpink!

– Six years of making music history! It’s fun to look back on old pictures. Let’s make a brilliant comeback! Always here waiting for girls!I can’t believe it’s been six years. Six years with less music than a rookie group. I don’t understand Kpop or fashion shows anymore. Poor Blink.

– Who needs poor Blink? The music is little but every song is a hit. More than a bunch of junk.

– Let’s admit Blackpink is the best girl group. They excel in every field. And please wait for the comeback and wash your anti-fan’s eyes.

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