Blackpink ‘Pink Venom’ MV Teaser Is Praised For Promoting K-Culture

When it comes to the world of K-Pop, one group that has definitely made an impact globally is Blackpink

When it comes to the world of K-Pop, one group that has definitely made an impact globally is Blackpink. Since debuting in 2016, the group has taken the world by storm with their talent, visuals, and charisma which have BLINKs falling in love with all the members.


After what seemed like forever, BLINKs have even more to get excited about when it was finally announced that the group was going to be having a comeback.

YG Entertainment has been releasing teasers for the Pink Venom album, and it isn’t surprising that fans are excited.


Blackpink’s Jisoo | @Blackpink/Twitter


Blackpink’s Jennie | @Blackpink/Twitter


Blackpink’s Rosé | @Blackpink/Twitter


Blackpink’s Lisa | @Blackpink/Twitter

Yet, although most of the comments have been on the visuals of the members, the recent release of the group’s music video teaser has had Blackpink gain praise for promoting Korean culture.

In the past, Blackpink has been no stranger to promoting Korean culture with their comebacks. In 2020, after the release of the track “How You Like That,” the members were praised for their modern take on the traditional hanbok outfit.


Blackpink gained attention for their modernized hanboks | @Blackpink/Twitter

Although some netizens had mixed reactions, huge Korean outlets like Vogue Korea and JoongAng Ilbo praised the group. Jisoo even revealed that the members wanted to wear the hanboks to show the Korean culture in their video.


Throughout the teaser, there was some beautiful imagery being portrayed, whether it was a raging sandstorm or a giant clock pendulum adorned in the introduction of the teaser.

In particular, one of the first scenes shows some hand playing an instrument of some sort. Many assume that it is the oldest member Jisoo, and, after research, it seemed like the instrument was actually a geomungo.


The geomungo is a traditional Korean that is played by either being plucked zither with both bridges and frets. Geomungo is a representative stringed instrument made in Goguryeo before the 5th century. When played, the instrument is said to have a deep, muscular, rhythmic, and melodic sound.


A woman playing the geomungo | Yonhap

Many netizens also joked that Jisoo might have made spoilers dating back to last year. Although it isn’t a clear spoiler, a lot of BLINKs think that while playing a traditional game from the Philipinnes, Jisoo was trying to show the gesture of playing the instrument.

After seeing the trailer, netizens couldn’t stop praising Blackpink. Many BLINKs hit back at haters who have claimed that the group has become too “Westernized” and shared that the group is always proud of their heritage.

Yet, it isn’t just the Korean culture the members have promoted in their videos. Member Lisa is from Thailand and, after releasing her solo track “LALISA,” promoted and embraced her own culture.


Blackpink Lisa in the “LALISA” video | Blackpink/YouTube


Although the Blackpink members might be global superstars, they never forget their roots and always use any excuse to showcase their pride in Korea and their cultures.

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