Blackpink Released Album In September, Released 2 Biggest Budget MVs In History

Information about Blackpink's comeback after nearly 2 years is "exploding" on social networks.

YG Entertainment has posted a teaser video for Blackpink’s upcoming comeback titled “Born Pink”.

Accordingly, Blackpink’s comeback schedule has been announced. Blackpink will release an opening single in August, a new album in September, and officially kick off the world tour (global tour) from October.’


The trailer for “Born Pink” reached 1 million views after only 30 minutes of release and has now attracted 5.6 million views. Blackpink also dominates the top trending on social networks.


Not stopping there, as soon as the 31-second trailer was released, Newsen reported, Blackpink’s return as a complete group after nearly 1 year and 10 months will be heavily invested by YG Entertainment.

Blackpink will release 2 MVs with YG’s biggest investment ever.

YG said, “In addition to the announced schedule, there will be special things to gradually bring Blackpink to become the world’s top artist. The members have great wills with the thought of repaying the love. of fans around the world”.

They added, “We would be very grateful if you could look forward to the news that the new song will be introduced and Blackpink’s performance in turn. The phrase “The best in history” will always accompany every project. big judgment without fear.”



Before the official comeback, Blackpink had an early gift for fans with the MV “Ready for Love” combined with the game PUBG Mobile.

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