Blackpink Releases ‘Pink Venom’ Photos, Release Schedule

The first teaser image is really sharp, promising a different new look!

Recently, Blackpink gave Blink a big gift on their debut anniversary by officially announcing the release date as well as revealing the image of the single “Pink Venom”.


Accordingly, Pink Venom will be released at 11 am on August 19, a month before the Hac Huong girls release the full album Born Pink. Blackpink also revealed the teaser for the new single:


Netizens are extremely excited about this share:

– It’s true Blackpink, don’t even post pictures of people!

-You can tell by looking at the teaser how great the MV will be.

– Is this a fang? Don’t say the pose is a sharp-toothed Venom monster!

– Let’s see if Tom Hardy is trending!


What image does Blink predict Blackpink will return with?

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