BLACKPINK Rosé was caught in dating гᴜmогs, was caught in the same hotel?

On the Korean forum Nate Pann,  Rosé ‘s dating  stuff started pouring out when a user (temporarily called OP) posted an article with the title: ” Are Rosé and Spotify CEO dating?”.

Here, OP posted various photos, recording the scene where the BLACKPINK member appeared with Jeremy Erlich, Spotify’s Head of Music Strategy. Previously, the two caused a stir when sitting next to each other at the concert of singer Dua Lipa. In addition, there are many other photos showing the two attending many public and private events, making residents curious about their relationship.

Rosé and Jeremy Erlich at Dua Lipa’s concert

Rosé and Jeremy Erlich at Dua Lipa’s concert

Profile of Jeremy Erlich

Even local residents have dug up a video showing Jeremy Erlich opening the car door and entering the same hotel as Rosé.




The two were seen together at the after-party VMAs 2022

Photo: ST

Jeremy Erlich hugs Rosé’s waist at the 2022 LACMA Art and Film Gala

The article has now attracted more than 120,000 reads on Nate Pann, and caused controversy in the online community:

K-Netizen commented:

“But they look good together. If they date in the future, I will support them.”

– “But if you see talks [about their relationship] keep popping up on the internet, that’s a bit suspicious.”

“A bit creepy…”

“But is there a reason they can’t date?”

– “It was a bit strange that the head of the company followed Rosé to her hotel…really strange.”

– “Probably not…”

“Whether they date or not is none of our business.”

– “Is she good enough to date him?”

– “These are ridiculous thingsɴ.”

– “He is hugging her waist in front of everyone.”

– BLACKPINK has always been close to Jeremy Erlich who is also close to countless other artists. More than that, do you think there’s something wrong with BLACKPINK’s success just because they’re female singers? It’s 2022 and you still mock women for their success. Stop doing that, you don’t know anything

– “But the picture with his arms around his waist… in foreign countries older people do this to show their affection for the younger… no one finds it strange or takes it as a sign of dating. It’s normal…”