BLACKPINK Rosé’s school uniform is more expensive than…college tuition

Not only does Rosé look super stylish in the uniform she wore to the Knowing Bros recording, the outfit is more expensive than most people’s college tuition.

Rosé appeared on  Knowing Bros  with her best friend,  Girl’s Day ‘s  Hyeri , to promote her solo debut, “On the Ground”. Set in a mock high school classroom, the show is famous for having all guests wear school uniforms and play transfer students. But while female stars always look stunning on the show, few wear as expensive outfits as Rosé ‘s .

When the star soloist showed up at the  JTBC studio  to film her episode, she donned an anchor-embroidered felt jacket from  Yves  Saint Laurent  —the brand for which she is a global ambassador. bridge. Rosé’s jacket alone is worth ₩4.18 million KRW (about 3,210 USD ~ 78 million VND ).

Pairing a jacket with a gray school skirt, she paired the accessory with a smooth leather Yves Saint Laurent Le Mallion handbag, which retails for 3.85 million KRW (about 2,975 USD ~ 72.4 million VND ).

To attract attention, Rosé chose a pair of shoes with a lower price—₩160,000 KRW (approximately 122 USD ~ 3 million VND ) Holly  Dr. Martens outside cute ankle socks.

But the most expensive part of her outfit is actually the most invisible. On her hand, Rosé wears a large Atlas X ring   given to her by Tiffany & Co. Despite its diminutive size, the ring costs an astonishing ₩6.00 million KRW (about 4,610 USD ~ 112 million VND ).

Overall, Rosé ‘s school uniform is more expensive than most people  pay  to go to school. The total price (excluding skirt and socks) is 14.2 million KRW (about 10,900 USD ~ 265 million VND ). That’s the average tuition for more than two years of college in South Korea and even more than the average annual tuition in the state for public colleges in the United States (around $10,000)!