BLACKPINK suddenly made Cameo in a recent episode of ‘The Simpsons’

With their brilliance, stunning aesthetics, and endearing personalities, BLACKPINK has grown in popularity all around the globe since making their debut in 2016.

The members have made surprise cameos in television programs because to their growing fame, including the K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

BLACKPINK recently attracted notice as the group made an unexpected appearance on the popular program The Simspons.

Lisa, who appears in one of the video, is seated in the backseat of the vehicle while her father Homer operates the wheel.

Lisa has made it quite obvious throughout the program that she loves jazz and even plays the saxophone. But when Homer asks Lisa whether she wants to listen to jazz while they’re driving, Lisa responds, “I’m not in the mood for jazz. Listen to my second favorite song now.

Then Homer makes an educated guess as to what it may be by mentioning genres like salsa and vintage rap.

Then, everyone in the vehicle, including Duff Man, begins singing and dancing to none other than BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls.”

Of course, “Lovesick Girls” is one of the most recognizable K-Pop songs because to its addicting melody, memorable lyrics, and genuinely iconic member images.

BLINKs and internet users had to comment on the classic yet unexpected appearance once the video was published. Even if the program has previously made K-Pop allusions, they always generate enthusiasm.

If BLINKs couldn’t control their enthusiasm, it seems that the individuals inside the group also expressed their feelings. Jisoo, a member, uploaded the video on her Instagram after it became viral on social media, along with the message, “Gahhh, is this real? Oh, right.

K-Pop often makes the most surreal appearances on international media to demonstrate its impact.