Blackpink Suddenly Received Sad News Before The Comeback, Causing Fans To Stir

According to Korean media reports, in the World Albums chart, group BTS , Nayeon (TWICE) let Enhypen surpass, while Blackpink could not keep their form.

Specifically, ATEEZ’s album “The World EP.1: Movement” ranked first. In addition, the album also debuted at #2 on the Top Album Sales chart this week, becoming ATEEZ’s first album to break into the top 3 of the Billboard 200.

Enhypen’s new mini album “Manifesto: Day 1” debuted at #2 on the World Albums chart this week, alongside sweeping #3 on the Top Album Sales chart.

In addition, “Manifesto: Day 1” also became Enhypen’s first album to enter the top 10 of the Billboard 200 at number 6.

Meanwhile, Seventeen’s repackaged album – “Sector 17” (repackaged version of his studio album “Face the Sun”) remains at No. 4 for the second consecutive week on the World Charts. Albums.

BTS’s compilation album “Proof” is at No. 5 for the eighth consecutive week on the chart, and J-Hope’s new solo album “Jack In The Box” is at No. 13 for its third week.

With “Im Nayeon” – Nayeon’s first solo mini album – TWICE has remained relatively stable at No. 9 for the sixth consecutive week on the World Albums chart, while aespa’s “Girls” comes in at No. 10th in the 4th week.

While BlackPink’s “The Album” was out of the top 15 for the first time after 95 consecutive weeks on the chart.


Specifically, this week’s 15th place belongs to Stray Kids’ “Oddinary”. The group achieved this achievement for the 19th non-consecutive week on the chart.

The fact that Blackpink was dropped in this prestigious chart surprised fans. However, many people think that in a short time, after the comeback, the YG girls will continue to bombard the Kpop race.


It can be said that Blackpink is currently the girl group receiving the most attention today. These four cult idols have fans from all over the world and are considered one of the most influential groups in K-pop. Since their debut in 2016, Blackpink has quickly become a global phenomenon.

After many years of absence, Blackpink began to return to the music track with “paving the way” products at the end of 2022. Although the MV and album have not been officially released, the trailers or images released are also good. enough exploding social networking platforms .


In the midst of that impressive comeback, the Korean public started a discussion on online community sites. The content talks about why Blackpink is gaining global attention and how this group has become a top representative of Kpop.

The post begins with the question: “We are really curious. What is the difference that makes Blackpink get so much attention?”. Below the above discussion, there are many people who have shared their opinions about Blackpink.


First, Blackpink has always been appreciated for their skills in both vocals, rapping and dancing. When 4 girls come together, they form a complete team.

Blackpink’s music is what international fans are looking for. The songs and concepts are often American-oriented, targeting many different audiences, suitable for both Korean and international tastes.

In beauty polls, Blackpink’s members are always at the top. According to the poll of the most beautiful face in the world in 2021, Lisa leads the table. Possessing beautiful lines and a desirable body, the 4 girls quickly became popular .


Not only that, the modern and unique fashion style of Jennie and Rosé is also an important point that makes Blackpink more attractive.

According to the Korean public, a seemingly unrelated detail plays an important role in the success of the YG group. Accordingly, Blackpink members have good English skills and this is an important bridge to help the group reach out to the international market.


Debuting under YG Entertainment is also an advantage for Blackpink. YG is known as one of the leading entertainment companies in Korea.

Over the years, the idols who debuted under YG have created different musical colors. Therefore, right from the moment of being introduced to Kpop, Blackpink has received the attention of many people.

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