Blackpink ‘trending’ globally, message to fans on the 6th anniversary of ‘debut’

The Blackpink girls celebrated their 6th anniversary by posting photos and memories of their years together while sending messages to fans.

No wonder they’re trending globally and  Twitter  is flooded with various hashtags related to the group.


Message from  Rose:

“BLINK Happy 6th Anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been 6 years! Thank you for always being by our side and being our strength. Love you ♡ BLACKPINK ♡ BLINKs forever”.


Message from Jisoo: BLINK ♥️ Happy 6th Anniversary 😊 Thank you for being with us for 6 years.


Let’s continue to create happy memories together. BLACKPINK ♥️ BLINK FOREVER”.

Message from Jennie: “BLACKPINK 💗 BLINK ~ Happy 6th Anniversary BLINK ~ Thank you and let’s be together for a long, long time~”.


Message from Lisa: “To our BLINKs who celebrated our 6th anniversary with us, thank you very much.


Thank you for always being by our side, loving and cheering us on! It’s good to think that it’s good to be able to see them often and the situation is better now.

Let’s create many beautiful memories together this year. See you guys again~! blackpink + blink = forever”.

Netizens can also watch Blackpink’s video on their 6th anniversary, in front of the YG building. The M members all looked beaming as they greeted BLINKs back.

“Hello, we are Blackpink.

Jennie: BLINK, it’s been 6 years since we debuted.


Jisoo: I think our 6th anniversary is happier when we share with BLINK.

Lisa: Always thank you, BLINKS.


Rosé: You guys are always there for us, Blackpink, until the end, right?”


Blackpink also announced a new single  Pink Venom, which will be included in the group’s upcoming second album titled  Born Pink. The single will be released on the night of August 19.

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