Blackpink Was Hҽavιly Crιtιcιzҽd Before Their Comeback

After nearly 2 years of absence, BlackPink finally returned to the K-Pop race, but this comeback of the group rҽceivҽd backlash from fans and criticism from other fandoms.

Most recently, Jennie (BlackPink) has received a lot of criticism from her fellow group member Jisoo’s fans because the female idol only shared her own teaser video and poster on Instagram, while Jisoo enthusiastically promoted. images for this comeback of the group, along with individual teasers and posters.


Jennie was criticized by Jisoo fans for only posting individual teasers and posters


While Jisoo shared group photos to promote her comeback

Earlier, Lisa’s fan community also expressed anger and accused the management company YG Entertainment of treating their idols unfairly. According to fans, the company omitted links to YouTube and Naver when posting Lisa’s intro video on Twitter, mislabeled the hashtag (#BLACPINK instead of #BLACKPINK) on her YouTube video, and didn’t add female teasers. idol to a shared Pink Venom playlist until a fan points it out. These things are said to affect Lisa’s personal achievements when the group makes a comeback.


YG forgot to attach a link to Lisa’s teaser


Wrong hashtag


Don’t put Lisa’s teaser in the playlist


This has the potential to affect the female idol’s performance

In particular, LISABar, Lisa’s largest fan community in China, has announced to stop buying BlackPink’s new album unless YG Entertainment updates LALISA’s album statistics for the period from January 2022. far on Gaon. This will greatly affect BlackPink’s album sales because for a long time, LISABar has been known for its “huge” purchasing power and has always enthusiastically supported idols.


Facing that situation, Lisa fans got angry and demanded a boycott of BlackPink’s comeback


This could potentially affect the group’s records

Another incident happened after BlackPink’s concept photos were released/ MYs (aespa’s fandom) accused YG Entertainment of plagiarizing their idol’s concept, sparking controversy between the two fandoms.


Aespa fans accuse BlackPink of plagiarizing the group’s concept, leading to controversy between the two fandoms

In another development, Jennie’s outfit was criticized for being too “revealing”. Some Korean fans had mixed reactions when they saw Jennie in this outfit and expressed negative reactions to the female idol’s outfit.


Jennie’s outfit is controversial because of “lack of fabric”

BlackPink is a famous Korean girl group with 4 members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa. The group debuted in 2016 and so far has released many hits such as How You Like That , Kill This Love … BlackPink will return to the K-Pop race with the song Pink Venom on August 19 before the album’s release. in September and embarked on a world tour in October.

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