Blackpink’s huge income eflected in ‘heavy numbers that stun everyone’

Since their debut, BLACKPINK has been appreciated for their talents. Active in showbiz for 6 years now, but the heat of YG’s girl group has never cooled down, the popularity reaches far to the world. The members all have their own place in the entertainment industry, the huge income is reflected in “the numbers are so heavy that they can stᴜn me”.

Naver has just reported that Jennie – Gentle Monster’s Global Ambassador – Jennie was invited to be a model for Tamburins brand. The remuneration she receives is expected to be up to 1.5 bιllιоn won.

Previously, a Korean mattress brand mentioned a huge salary to invite Jennie to advertise. Accordingly, a contract that she signed is worth at least 700 million won and the highest can be up to 1 bιllιоn won.

Not stopping, the salary when taking on the role of Jennie’s brand ambassador is up to 60,000 USD/year. With a number of followers up to tens of мιllιоns on Instagram in 2020, beauties born in 1996 can “fish” from 170,000 USD (more than 4.2 bιllιоn VND) with each post. Now that number may have grown dizzyingly.

Although the number of followers on Instagram is more modest than other members of the same group, Jisoo has a very high income in this field. According to Net Credit, the female idol has earned more than 18.8 million USD) from social media posts, surpassing Anitta, Larissa Manoelpa and Dua Lipa.

Jisoo is an expensive face, so the amount to invite her to stick with the brand is not small. Madame Figaro magazine rеvеаled that Cartier doubled the amount of the contract that BLACKPINK’s eldest sister signed with Dior to make her the new Panthère woman.

Photos and articles posted on Rosé’s personal page always attract huge interactions. It is estimated that each sponsored post in 2020, she can pocket up to 160,000 USD. With the current level of popularity, Rosé’s salary must have increased rapidly.

After many years of hard work, Rosé owns a huge fortune, estimated at 18 million USD. Therefore, she is said to have comfortably bought a luxurious penthouse worth more than 9 bιllιоn won.

A Thai information site once rеvеаled a specific price list to invite Lisa to participate in an advertisement. Accordingly, the youngest member of BLACKPINK receives a remuneration of    5 million baht if he attends the event for about 2 hours. To invite the female idol to become a representative, the brand has to pay 20 million baht.

In 2019, one of Thailand’s largest telecommunications groups gave a figure of 450,000 USD (about 11 bιllιоn VND) to invite Lisa. Not stopping there, the youngest BLACKPINK also earned 100 bιllιоn dong when taking on the role of coach of the program ”  Youth with Friends”.

Lisa is currently the member with the highest number of followers on Instagram in BLACKPINK. It is known that in order for articles to advertise products to appear on the personal page of Thai beauties in 2020, brands must spend from 200,000 USD (more than 4.9 bιllιоn VND). This level of remuneration must have increased when Lisa’s popularity is currently reaching a huge level.

The talking numbers show the huge income of BLACKPINK members. With all the efforts put in, this is definitely a worthy achievement for the four girls.