BLACKPINK’s ‘Pink Venom’ MV: Huge investment, but still makes fans disappointed?

BLACKPINK's pre-single "Pink Venom" has been officially released, still the beautiful visual "overflowing" of the four members. MV is invested "huge" but not new enough.

From the MV to the music of  Pink Venom, there is a connection between modernity and tradition in Asian culture such as Angbuilgu sundial, Geomungo 6-string zither…

Pink Venom  belongs to the Hip-Hop genre, has a catchy beat  part with the opening sound of a traditional instrument. As a combination of  “pink” (pink) and  “venom” (venom), the song has the connotation of irresistible charm.

The lyrics also imply the contrast between  pink – venom, beauty and cruelty. The choreography that simulates sharp fangs with a hand is also one of the highlights of the song.


As expected, Jisoo is the Geomungo player in Pink Venom. Jisoo’s MV opening solo is one of the highlights of the MV.


Jennie and Lisa’s double rap made fans excited. 


Rosé surprises with diverse styling, tries out many unique and strange hairstyles in Pink Venom.


As stated, YG Ent has made a “huge” investment in the setting up of the members’ costumes and visuals for the MV. The look of  Pink Venom  is extremely “flattering”. 


The epic background of the Pink Venom MV.


The music of  Pink Venom  is said to be quite difficult to absorb when first heard and is expected to be listed as BLACKPINK’s long-lasting rain songs. In return, the song has a pretty “battle”  dance break  at the end of the song.

Considering the role of a  pre-single,  Pink Venom  is a safe and sufficient start before BLACKPINK officially returns. The public can expect a more explosive  comeback with the title song and  full album Born Pink  to be released next September.

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