BLACKPINK’s stylist treats unfair with LISA when Rosé’s boots are 8 times more expensive than Lisa’s?

BLACKPINK reappears with an impressive fashion sense, each outfit is custom-made from international fashion brands with a strong warrior spirit.

Not Chanel, YSL, Celine or Dior,  BLACKPINK  has favored wearing costumes from these  fashion brands  in the latest images of the comeback MV. Looking at the fashion in this comeback, it can be seen that BLACKPINK builds a feminine image, gentle but no less strong. All 4 girls showed off their bodies in seductive body-hugging designs of the brands Mugler and DEMOBAZA.

Recalling the group’s name “BLACKPINK” (Black – Pink), YG once explained that the group needs to show the personality and strong spirit of black and cuteness, the K-pop idol standard associated with pink. It can be seen that these two aspects of BLACKPINK have been built through fashion in the group’s teaser in two different concepts.


According to the revelation of “older sister” Jisoo on social networks, she affirmed that “It’s BLACKPINK” means “just BLACKPINK” from the very first days of her debut.

It is known that the pink designs with attractive cropping lines, showing off BLACKPINK’s body completely belong to the Mugler brand and are made exclusively to order using the group’s pink tones. Notably, after removing the price, BLACKPINK fans happened to realize the stylist’s bias towards the members, in particular in the use of shoes and boots. Accordingly, Jisoo’s pink lace-up boots cost $100 (approximately 2.5 million VND), Lisa’s plattform boots are super affordable at nearly 1.7 million VND while Rosé’s chunky boots cost approximately 14 million VND. .


Rosé in a sexy bodycon dress by Mugler, layered girl with skirt and boots.


Lisa is wearing a pink designer dress, a combination of a corset and a long back skirt.

Besides pink-toned outfits, BLACKPINK also wears designs with darker colors from the DEMOBAZA brand. The items with warrior colors, inspired by the army, make the appearance of the 4 girls more individual and strong, similar to the “BLACK” spirit of the group.


Stylist has used a lot of fancy designs from DEMOBAZA, with strong textures, frayed jeans or unconventional leather.

MV “Pink Venom” will be released on August 19 (Friday) this week according to YG’s announcement. The images from the group’s poster, teaser and trailer, which have been fully published, are receiving extremely positive effects.

Regarding the price difference between the shoes/boots items of the BLACKPINK members, in fact, this is not the first time the group’s stylist has been accused of bias when Jennie’s outfits are always the most expensive, while the eldest sister Jisoo is often accused of being biased. considered a stepchild, wearing cheap clothes, and “Australian rose” Rosé specializes in wearing second-hand clothes.

However, some neutral fans think that how the girls wear specific items is not as important as the overall effect of the MV. Even when wearing cheaper items, girls still show their own “quality”, when it really suits them.

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