BLINKs are too confused with Jisoo’s ‘auntie’ fashion style (BLACKPINK)

Jisoo fans even asked BlackPink's stylist to stop letting their idols wear these middle-aged lady-style outfits.

Recently, during the livestream to celebrate the 6th anniversary of  BlackPink’s debut,  Jisoo  appeared in a rather strange outfit. The oldest member of the group wears a loose pink shirt that costs nearly 530,000 Won, is accompanied by an expensive Cartier watch and a pair of rings, all items with a total value of about 14,240 USD. (equivalent to 18 million Korean Won).


Jisoo wears expensive clothes during the livestream with BlackPink

While most fans thought that Jisoo would look gorgeous with sparkling jewelry, it was the baggy shirt and ponytail that “added” quite a bit of age to the female idol born in 1995. Fans think that if it weren’t for Jisoo’s “beautiful like beauty” beauty, this outfit would have become a fashion disaster.


However, this pink shirt makes her look older than her real age


Fans commented that Jisoo’s beauty “saved” the whole outfit

This is not the first time BlackPink’s stylists let Jisoo wear ‘strange’ outfits. Before this set of clothes, the female idol once stunned fans when she wore ‘confusing’ outfits. Despite possessing gorgeous looks and desirable body proportions, many times, Jisoo is “drunk” by costumes that do not enhance her advantages.


The outfit that reveals Jisoo’s body flaws

Not only have tight outfits, but Jisoo also has to wear flashy outfits. For a long time, fans have expressed their sorrow that these costumes have no effect but “show off” Jisoo’s flaws.






In addition, she is often given ‘confusing’ and flashy outfits by the stylist

During an appearance on a TV show, Jisoo surprised the audience by wearing a ‘classic’ outfit style with dotted motifs that made her ‘older than her years’. In addition to this event, the female idol’s face dress when attending ‘New York Spring Summer Fashion Week’ was equally disappointing.




Besides, she often has to wear clothes that make her ‘older’ when attending events

With BlackPink’s comeback soon, Jisoo’s fans are “begging” the stylists to stop giving their idols middle-aged outfits that detract from her beauty.

Jisoo was born in 1995, is a famous Korean singer and actress. She is best known as a member of the girl group BlackPink. In addition, she also broke into acting as the female lead in Snowdrop and worked as an ambassador for many big fashion brands such as Cartier, Dior, etc.

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