BLINKs Defend Rosé After Her Reaction To Being Asked If She Supports Gay Rights Goes Viral

Rosé  recently went viral because of her reaction to a fan asking her if she supported gαγ rights, but residents had mixed feelings about the goddess’s reaction. statue.


BLACKPINK is currently on their Born Pink world tour   and has been able to interact with fans during each stop.

During the group’s farewell event after one of their performances in Chicago, a fan asked Rosé if she ” supports gαγ rights “. After smiling at the questioner, Rosé performs a “rock on” movement with her hands and makes a “woo” sound as she walks past. Since being posted, the clip has hit the milestone of more than 2 million views.

Rosé smiles when she hears fans asking questions

She responded by raising her hand like “rock on” and saying “Woooo”

Residents immediately began debating her actions, with many arguing that she should have reacted in a better way. Some have even called her homophobic, prompting the phrase “homophobic Rosé” to trend on Twitter.


“The way she responded to it was simply rude. she can say like “yes” or “yes” but the way she says it, it sounds like “woooo and what about it” .idgaf about Rosé but I won’t bear if anyone disrespects her rights homosҽᶍuals.”

BLINKs immediately defended her, offering a different perspective on her reaction and citing that the female idol has repeatedly shown support for the LGBTQIA+ community.

“She’s always smiling and cheering, that’s a positive, people just need to find reasons to throw hate.”

“You all know rosé supports gαγ rights and that shows very clearly in her circles. So why ask her that question just so you can get a viral video like this?”

Fans even recalled a moment earlier in their tour, when Rosé reacted to a fan saying she was traveling to see BLACKPINK with her girlfriend. When the fan explained that she met her girlfriend because of BLACKPINK, Rosé seemed even more emotional.


“Are you accusing her of being homophobic when she reacts like this when I mention my girlfriend? please”

The BLINKs also emphasized that during these special events, attendees should ask new questions instead of “putting her in a difficult situation” and that fans should know and respect the line between themselves and her. artist.

BLACKPINK has completed more than half of their North American tour and will be heading to Europe next after performing in Newark, New Jersey and Los Angeles, California.