BLINKs Spot A Grand Gift For Blackpink’s Jisoo In The Sky

BLACKPINK  is currently taking over the world with their incredible 45-show BORN PINK tour, meeting beloved BLINKs across Asia, Europe, and North America.


The BLACKPINK members gave their all on stage, performing a hilarious combination of their iconic hits with new tracks from their recent album,  BORN PINK .

Along with the group’s songs, they have also carefully prepared solo stages to show each member’s unique charm and talent.

Doing a two-night show for about two to three days is certainly very “consuming” physically and mentally, but the four members always appear on stage with bright smiles, sharing that BLINKs are the reason. let them try.

Besides filling up stadiums every night, BLINKs also return the love at shows by creating creative signs for fans and preparing sweet moments to share during the show. “Farewell” VIP after the concert ended.

Recently, a grand gesture for BLACKPINK ‘s Jisoo went viral ahead of the group’s first concert in Chicago, Illinois.

Outside  United Center , where the group was holding a concert, fans discovered a banner dedicated to Jisoo.

Banner mockup for BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @alluringsoo / Twitter

The banner that reads “ Jisoo Will You Marry Xiuqi ❤️ Together Forever ❤️  ” was by a fan of Jisoo,  China Jisoo Bar , who paid for the banner to fly over the area around  United Center  for six hours. Xiuqi  refers to Jisoo’s fans.

Fans shared witnessed images on Twitter of the luxury gift, and the video garnered a lot of views.

This gift comes with a hefty price tag. An aerial advertising agency estimates that the cost of the flight will be around $375-$650 per hour, so the 6 hour flight for this banner costs at least is $2,250.

Hopefully Jisoo was able to see the thoughtful banner before the end of the flight!