Brad Pitt and girlfriend enjoying a romantic vacation in Cabo

In new pʜᴏᴛos, Brad Pitt and his gorgeous girlfriend can be seen enjoying a relaxing day by the pool during a romantic vacation in Cabo.

Brad, who turned 59 last month, showed off his toned abs and numerous tattoos in teal swimming trunks, which he accessorized with a gold chain around his neck and aviator sunglasses. The “Babylon” star’s signature blonde locks blew gently in the wind as he read a large file in his hand.

The ʜᴏᴛ new couple wore swimsuits and lay next to each other on the chairs, Brad’s new girlfriend Ines de Ramon completely took off her bikini top. De Ramon wore only a blue patterned sarong and showed off her bare back as she hugged her knees to her chest and occasionally chatted with her attractive date.

Brad Pitt & Ines De Ramon Relationship Update: He's 'Smitten' – Hollywood  Life

.Pitt and de Ramon seem to be getting serious in their relationship. They have been spotted hanging out together many times in the past two months. A source close to the vice president of Anita Ko Jewelry told People at the time that the actor “clearly liked de Ramon because he brought her to his debut.”

The couple then celebrated the “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” star’s birthday in Hollywood, where they were spotted getting out of the car before making their way to Brad’s party. At the time, a source told Us Weekly that the two were not “officially dating.” However, the insider said Pitt was “smitten” with Ines and he “didn’t expect to find someone so extraordinary”.