Brandon Miller commits EIGHT fouls but only scores SIX points

Brandon Miller commits EIGHT fouls but only scores SIX points  in his second Charlotte Hornets Summer League game that ends in defeat to GSW

In a poor second appearance for the Charlotte Hornets in the Summer League on Wednesday night, Brandon Miller committed more fouls than points.

Miller played for 28 minutes in the 98-83 loss to the Golden State Warriors but only managed six points and eight fouls.

Just two days later, on Friday, Miller, the second overall choice in the NBA Draft, will make his San Antonio Spurs debut and face first-round pick Victor Wembanyama. Miller displayed flashes of brilliance in his first game on Monday night against a Spurs club without Wembanyama, scoring 18 points, but his team fell 98-77.

When he acknowledged that jitters contributed to an unsatisfactory start on Monday, the 20-year-old Miller did not have on the eye-catching pink sneakers. After the game on Monday, Miller stated, “We got the jitters out, so we’re going to be good.” I don’t want to lose, so I’m a little frustrated, but I still enjoyed being there.

It was wonderful to encounter a setting aside from the educational setting. In terms of feelings, I believe I was at ease. Just be there for my teammates, make all the correct plays, and let the game come to me.

Miller was a contentious Hornets selection because to his alleged involvement in a hσmicide that occurred in Tuscaloosa earlier this year.

According to testimony from Tuscaloosa police, Miller gave a fιrearm to teammate Darius Miles, who then gave it to Michael Lynn Davis, who then killed the woman.

Miller has not been detained in connection with the case, but Miles and Davis are still detained while awaiting trial on capital mυrder charges. According to his lawyer, he never held the  and had no idea that the incident would occur.

Miller’s coach, Nate Oats, cited “wrong spot, wrong time” as the reason why his team only managed six points.