Bruce Willis Enjoys Disneyland’s Splash Mountain Ride with His Family

Bruce Willis Enjoys Disneyland’s Splash Mountain Ride with His Family: Watch

The actor and his family rode the ride for a final time ahead of its remodeling to a new ‘Princess and the Frog’ theme in 2024

Bruce Willis Enjoys Disneyland's Splash Mountain Ride with His Family amid Dementia Diagnosis

It’s evident that Bruce Willis and his family know how to have a great day!

The actor’s wife, Emma Heming Willis, posted a video of their most recent trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, on Instagram earlier this week.

Bruce, 68, was photographed wrapping one arm over the young girl seated next to him and using the other to cover her face as they were seen riding the Splash Mountain ride at the theme park with one of his two kids. In the brief video, he remarked, “You better watch out,” while riding. “I think we’re going to go again.”

Bruce’s family first revealed in 2022 that he had aphasia, and then in February 2023 they revealed his more precise diagnosis of FTD, a degenerative brain disease. This is when the journey took place.

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 Emma Heming Willis, Bruce Willis’s wife, described the “most loving and compassionate thing” their daughter did for him.

Before it was remodeled with a new Princess and the Frog motif, Bruce and his family had a trip. Emma, 44, expressed her joy at the occasion in the caption of her photo, adding, “You bet this family will be back for more fun and laughs when you reopen as Tiana[‘s] Bayou!”

She added two hashtags, “#SplashMountain” and “#DisneylandLove,” and said, “Thanks for all the memories Splash Mountain ️.”

One admirer noted in the comments how fiercely protective Bruce was of his daughter, commenting, “Amazing! His technique is the “dad safety belt.”

Emma replied, “Always,” along with a single red heart emoji.

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‘Keep the Faith’: Emma Heming Willis Discusses Dementia Research While Sharing Family Photos
This week marked Splash Mountain’s final trek into Disneyland’s briar patch before it closes forever on Wednesday, May 31.
The 2009 cartoon hit The Princess and the Frog will serve as the inspiration for the “re-theming” of the attraction, which will open as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in 2024. The tale will be new, but the ride will still be a log flume.
In April, Disney announced that the attraction would be discontinued at the park. It closed on January 23 at Walt Disney World in Orlando. (On the final day of the Florida ride, some visitors even attempted to make money by trying to sell water they said was from the attraction on eBay.)
A few weeks after multiple petitions on the website requesting Disney to change the famous attraction’s concept attracted notice, the makeover was first revealed in 2020. Upon closure, one with the title “Re-theme Splash Mountain to Princess and the Frog” had amassed over 21,384 signatures.